BCD Group: A Legacy of Excellence Evolving into a Global Real Estate Powerhouse

The Leader Behind an Admirable Company 2024

BCD Group

The real estate industry is a dynamic one, constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of individuals and businesses. Competition is fierce, demanding innovation and agility from industry leaders.
BCD Group, a family-run business for four generations, exemplifies these qualities. They’ve transformed from a construction company to a global real estate conglomerate. Under the leadership of Mr. Angad Singh Bedi, BCD Group offers a holistic portfolio encompassing construction, development, financing, and co-living solutions. Their footprint spans key global markets while maintaining a strong presence in India’s emerging Tier-II cities.
Mr. Bedi’s vision has fueled BCD Group’s remarkable growth, expanding their presence from a local player to managing over 60 million square feet across the globe. BCD Group has over 20 million square feet of ongoing projects, making it a formidable force. Their reach extends beyond India, with a strong presence in seven Indian states as well as the UAE, Mauritius, Nepal, Iraq, Africa, and Singapore.
This exclusive interview dives into Mr. Bedi’s vision for BCD Group in our “The Leader Behind an Admirable Company 2024” edition. Stay tuned as we explore the journey of a successful business leader and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way.

Prime Insights: What inspired the establishment or evolution of your department within the company?

I knew we needed to evolve. We started as a founder-driven company, but the market demanded a more professional approach. So, I made it a priority to revamp everything, from our services to our decision-making. We’ve adopted new business models, branding strategies, and internal processes. Now, all our choices are backed by data and insights, ensuring we stay competitive in this ever-changing industry.

Prime Insights: Balancing personal life and professional commitments can be challenging. How do you manage this balance, and what strategies have you found effective?

Balancing work, travel, and family can be a real juggling act. My business keeps me busy, and travel is often part of the deal. But I believe everything—work, family, and personal well-being—contributes to a fulfilling life. That’s why I make sure to carve out time for all of it. I dedicate weekends to my wife and kids, unwind with golf once a week, and squeeze in horseback riding whenever I can. It’s all about finding that healthy balance.

Prime Insights: What unique challenges have you faced on your journey to success as a leader, and how have you overcome them?

One entrepreneurial challenge that taught me a lot was taking on a stalled million-square-foot township project. The previous developer left a trail of negativity and frustration. But I saw an opportunity. The real lesson? A clear vision and a strong will can turn things around. We revived the project and made those customers our biggest fans.

Prime Insights: How do you ensure your department remains agile and adaptive to changing market dynamics and emerging trends?

Data is king in our business. We leverage cutting-edge technology to gather insights that fuel smart decisions. This not only keeps us objective but also sparks creative solutions to real market demands. I constantly encourage my team to embrace technology and new ideas. It’s this focus on data and adaptability that keeps us ahead of the curve.

Prime Insights: In your opinion, how crucial is ongoing research and development within your department to drive innovation and growth?

The market’s always changing, but we stay ahead of the curve. We’ve pioneered new concepts like Educity, redefining student housing and education. We also leveraged our expertise in real estate to create India’s first senior rental community, BCD Vanaprastha. By partnering with a German company, we’re revolutionizing Indian construction.

Prime Insights: Do you believe there’s intense competition among leaders in your industry, or is there a more relaxed attitude toward it?

A little healthy competition never hurts anyone! It keeps us on our toes and looking for new ways to innovate. Sure, the market is crowded, but that just pushes us to be better. We’ve got the talent, the technology, and a strong investment environment backing us up. So we leverage all that to constantly improve our services and offerings, always keeping the customer at the center of everything we do.

Prime Insights: How do you prioritize employee well-being, and what initiatives do you implement to foster a positive work environment?

I lead from the heart, not just the mind. This creates a culture of respect, compassion, and empathy. Everyone at BCD embraces these values, and that’s what sets us apart. It motivates me and fosters a strong, harmonious team that delivers excellence. We communicate, train, and empower our people, driving productivity and success.

Prime Insights: Who are your role models or sources of inspiration in your field, and what principles or lessons do you aim to pass on to those who look up to you?

My real estate inspiration is Sam Zell, known for reviving undervalued properties. Like him, my fund in Bombay focuses on distressed assets. He inspires me with his risk-taking, diverse investments, and constant learning. These are values I share.
For those who follow me, I emphasize integrity, adaptability, resilience, and lifelong learning. Every encounter holds a lesson. We must absorb the good, discard the bad, and integrate the valuable into our lives. These principles guide me and are the wisdom I hope to share.

Prime Insights: What are your views on leaders venturing into entrepreneurial endeavors, and have you personally explored such opportunities?

As a leader, I believe our experience and vision make us prime candidates for entrepreneurship. It’s a leap of faith, leaving stability to chase a dream. But our crisis management, strategy, and ability to inspire make us strong contenders. It also demands constant hustle and a huge risk tolerance. There’s no playbook, and the buck stops with you. It’s a demanding path, but the potential rewards are incredible.

Prime Insights: If there’s one message you’d like to convey to a leader who may feel discouraged by stereotypes or barriers, what would it be?

Stereotypes and barriers can be intimidating, especially when you’re stepping outside your comfort zone. But here’s the thing: a little fear is natural. Don’t let it hold you back. Believe in yourself—that’s the key. We all make mistakes; that’s how we learn and grow. Embrace them! Those stumbles will reveal your true strengths: your perspective, your resilience, and the value you bring. These qualities got you here, so hold onto them. And remember, young leaders, challenges are opportunities in disguise. Use them to make your organization and business even stronger.

Prime Insights: What future plans or initiatives does your department have in store to continue its growth and impact within the company?

My vision is to diversify BCD and become a top real estate player, not just in India but globally. We’re bullish on our funds and see them paving the way for a bright future. Building on our success with BCD Vanaprastha, India’s first senior rental housing, we aim to become a leader in senior living. We’ll soon offer personalized healthcare and expand similar projects to Chennai and Delhi, NCR.
Furthermore, we launched a massive distressed real estate fund to revitalize stalled projects. With a strong pipeline of new projects and significant investments, BCD is poised for ambitious growth.

Prime Insights: Can you share some significant milestones or achievements your department has accomplished under your leadership?

My leadership has yielded results! We completed the groundbreaking Vanaprastha project, the first senior rental living model in our industry. Customer focus is key, and our team’s dedication helped us grow revenue by 30% in two years. Sustainability is a priority too; we’re tackling environmental challenges and promoting green practices. Most importantly, we have a happy, committed team, and that fuels our success.

Prime Insights: How does your department contribute to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives or give back to the community?

Our company, BCD Group, takes social responsibility seriously. During COVID, we supported 5,000 workers and their families. We’ve also created over 500 new jobs in the past two years. Beyond housing, we’ve delivered 5,000 apartments to struggling homebuyers and built Special Economic Zones (SEZs) for Fortune 500 companies, boosting the economy. We focus on the elderly with senior living options and revitalize the real estate sector.

Prime Insights: What final message would you like to share with Prime Insights readers about your company and beyond?

BCD’s story is about innovation. We’re a leading real estate and construction company with a focus on quality. In the past few years, we have established ourselves as one of the largest and oldest construction conglomerates in India, with a portfolio of over 8,000 homes and 9 million square feet under construction. We have also spearheaded India’s largest stressed asset funds with Rs 700 crore and the deployment of Rs 500 crore across various asset classes. We’re proud to innovate and serve.

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