Bavishi Fertility Institute: A Distinguished Emblem of Excellence in IVF Services


Bavishi Fertility Institute

Parenthood is an auspicious phase in any individual’s life. Parenthood is the path of guiding and passing the ethereal values about human existence to the coming generations. For some people, the happiness of becoming parents is a tough journey altogether. Due to many genetic and specific health causes, conceiving a healthy child becomes an emotionally- tough challenge. IVF is one such blessing of science that has made it possible for couples to fulfill their dream of having a healthy baby. The brand we are featuring today is nothing less than a ray of immense enlightenment for humanity, and it is Bavishi Fertility Institute.

Co-founded and empowered by a seasoned and renowned gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Himanshu Bavishi, his brand, Bavishi Fertility Institute holds indomitable and extensive expertise in IVF treatment. With its ever-expanding horizons in India and abroad, the institute stands strong on the fundamentals of technology, ethics, values, and knowledge. Situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the institute was established under the guidance of Diamond Institute of the USA In 1998. Bavishi was felicitated with the “Best Fertility Institute Chain in West Region” award by the reputed publication, The Economic Times. Today BFI operates with seven centers in seven dominant cities of India. All of these seven centers are equipped with state-of-art technology, qualified and experienced consultants, doctors, and a dedicated team of other individuals to fulfill the dreams of infertile couples. The brand also has the support of new-gen and enthusiastic expert doctors.
Bavishi Fertility Institute was ranked “All India No.1” in national survey of fertility and IVF clinic done by Times of India.
To inaugurate the article for our readers, we invited the man of diamond determination- Dr. Himanshu Bavishi to have a virtual interaction with our editorial team. He discussed many such facts related to the conceptions and acceptance of IVF treatment across India and the world. He also highlighted his brand’s differentiators and praised Bavishi’s extremely talented workforce as well. We are excited to share this fascinating story on our platform and hope that our readers are even more excited to read about Bavishi Fertility Institute.

Inception Tale

The pivotal aim was to provide trustworthy, safe, and technology-fueled fertility treatments to infertile couples which were not available and accessible to all in India. In India, we all acknowledge the fact that there is a stereotypical mindset attached to having IVF treatments. Many people saw this as a laborious, high-risk, and costly option to opt for. Unawareness and non-availability of technology-driven practices were also major hurdles. Moreover, the entire supply chain for required machines and tools relied on imports from other countries. There was also a gap in the availability of structured resources needed for training people with right-domain knowledge. Not only this, but Dr. Himanshu also discussed that infertility is a multi-factorial issue and a composite of many other health issues which have been kept under the shadow for years because of inadequate awareness. To handle these issues on a serious and determined note, Dr. Himanshu Bavishi along with Dr. Falguni Bavishi laid the foundation of BFI.

Emerging as a High-Octane Kingpin

Dr. Himanshu shared with us that all of his patients visit BFI manifesting to turn their dream into reality. However, it is also imperative for a trusted leader like BFI to share an honest opinion with their patients and give a satisfactory explanation about the current condition of cases. Every consultant and specialist at BFI believes in giving detailed counseling and ethical treatment at transparent yet cost-effective prices as well. The cohesive fundamental of BFI’s functioning is based on the “no shortcut to success” ideology.

“In a sensitive medical field like IVF, even if the road has a slow and steady pace, there should be no hesitation in doing so and BFI stands true to this. Customer trust is purely based on a brand’s actions and endeavors. In today’s advertising era, some brands choose gimmicky claims about their services and chances are that customers may end up making the wrong choices under influence. But once the customer’s come out of this false advertising trap their trust can’t be established again. The point on which BFI worked meticulously was acquiring the trust of its customers with honesty and certainty. This honesty factor gave us a strong lead in the IVF industry”, asserts Dr. Himanshu.

Dr. Himanshu also affirmed that BFI will leave no stone unturned in becoming the pioneer to offer a new treatment modality of IVF. The brand is in the continuous loop of implementing newer technologies and techniques for its customers. He quotes, “We treat our customers professionally but take their care personally. With an exceptional team of 18 highly-skilled infertility consultants, BFI also has a robust team of embryologists, counselors, and nurses behind its success story. Successful clients never forget BFI’s quality of service and their happiness is our fuel to continue curating the best of the best services.”

Bavishi Fertility Institute’s marketing strategies are close to the roots of simple yet effective marketing and have contributed to establishing its reputation in the industry. Some of them are listed as follows-

  • Awareness-building initiatives and word of mouth.
  • Massive “Jan Jagruti Abhiyan” where consultants go and provide true information
  • “Parivar Milan” counseling at the doorsteps of couples is provided, even in remote rural areas.
  • “DEV NE DIYE MANGKAR LIYE” book which encapsulates real-life stories as a compilation of 222 IVF babies.
  • Bavishi has produced one TV serial of 26 episodes “MARO ANSH MARO VANSH” TV serial is recreation of real life stories of couples who struggled and succeeded in their fight against infertility.

Luminaries Behind the Brand

  • Dr. Falguni Bavishi- Co-Founder at Bavishi Fertility Institute holds a true persona of persistence and passion. She has obtained holistic and rigorous training in embryology at the Diamond Institute of the USA. She herself personally supervises and monitors of performing the entire procedure of embryology. With her years-long experience, she now leads the team of embryologists at Bavishi Fertility Institute. Under her supervision, eminent standards of lab work, maintenance schedules, and avant-garde performance of lab staff have been established for years now.
  • Dr. Himanshu Bavishi is a senior Fertility and IVF expert working in the field of IVF for the past three decades. He has extensive experience in managing an advanced fertility, IVF and ART technologies.
  • The next generation IVF and Fertility experts Dr. Parth Bavishi and Dr. janki Bavishi have strengthened BFI’s capability to embrace new technologies and ambitions expansion strategies.

Dropping Goals for Future

The major plan is to come up with one more clinic in the most locality of Ahmedabad and start working on their green field project of India’s bigger fertility institute. The team is getting much stronger and more self-reliant to expand its operations.

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