Ayu Swasth Pvt. Ltd. : THE 30 MOST TRUSTED BRANDS TO WATCH IN 2022

Ayu Swasth Shares the Benefits of Ayurveda via Scientific and Superior Herbal Healthcare Products

Ayu Swasth Pvt. Ltd.

Ayu Swasth, a brand founded by a brilliant thought leader and his core team, takes great satisfaction in being a pioneer, a market inventor, and a market-leading provider of Ayurveda Proprietary and Patent Licensed products derived from Natural Sources for varied health requirements. The company was formed to deliver scientific and high-quality herbal health products from standardized plant extracts that were processed utilizing cutting-edge technology. It has created its health products by combining Ayurveda knowledge with Science utilizing cutting-edge technology and the most intelligent brains. The brand has processed standardized herbal extracts using Fused Micronized Bio-Ligated Technology, giving a premium-grade herbal product with improved and consistent outcomes. Currently, this GMP- and ISO-accredited company offers the flagship products.

The Brand Inspiration

After 20+ years in the Herbal Industry, the Founder felt compelled to provide research-based and high-quality herbal products to meet the diverse health demands of the community. It was the driving force behind the creation of the Healthy Life brand, Ayu Swasth.

The Establishment Difficulties

Since its start, AyuSwasth has met various obstacles and problems, which have been overcome by strategic planning and teamwork. The early obstacles are getting excellent materials, using creative technologies, studying and producing effective products, and reaching the market.

The Brand Faith

In the products, the company integrates Science and Ayurveda. In customers’ opinion, its commitment to producing premium-quality products is the cornerstone of trust. The company prioritizes its quality assurance methods to maintain client confidence and integrate consumer input into its pipeline of R&D goods. The numerous distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

  • India’s First Fused Micronized Bio-ligation Technology-Based Herbal Products
  • Formulated with Standardized Herbal Extracts / Actives obtained from Natural Sources
  • Products scientifically Studied for their Anti-oxidant, Immunity, Anti-inflammatory Effects etc.
  • Gluten, Microorganisms, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, and Aflatoxins Tested
  • No color coating was applied to the tablets.
  • Produced at a modern GMP Schedule-T production facility

In the current age of awareness, the company observes a shift in the customer behavior of reputable companies. New-generation customers are not just motivated by price. Instead, they want the highest quality for their products. In addition, anytime they have a question, they use the available information technology resources and acquire the products after extensive study.
Utilizing new technologies, quality assurance via testing in modern labs, and scientific research on the products, the brand aims to establish its imprint in the industry by delivering consistent and premium quality, particularly in customers’ hearts.
A company’s client is everyone who has the potential to profit from its healthcare services and product. Customer review is the most important metric for customer confidence in a brand. It takes the comments of its customers quite seriously. The company carefully analyses consumer feedback and takes required remedial action. The formulation of its products is based on the combined efforts of Customers, Doctors, Manufacturers, Scientists, Suppliers, and several other stakeholders to guarantee that they meet the client’s demands.

Formulations of AyuSwasth

Some of the brand’s most important products address Immunity, Women’s Health, Bone & Joint Health, and Vitality, among others. Listed below are some current significant product specifications:

  1. AyuOrtho Tablets include natural actives that assist mineralization, inflammation, and pain. It includes Hadjod, Shallaki, Guggul, Nirgundi, etc. Guggul and Hadjod assist bone mineralization, Nirgundi and Shallaki counter pain
  2. AyuQueen tablets include natural actives that enhance women’s health via anti-oxidants, immunity, estrogenic, and other effects. Ashoka, manjishtha, Shatavari, Aloe vera, etc., are in AyuQueen. Shatavari and Ashoka support reproductive organs, Hadjod helps bone & joint health, Manjishtha helps blood purification, Aloe vera promotes skin health, and Giloy is a potent antioxidant and immunity booster. Shankh is a natural Calcium, and mandoor is a natural iron.
  3. AyuVital tablets include natural actives that maintain Vital Organs and general health via immunity, anti-oxidant, and other effects. It includes Arjuna, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, etc., for organ health. Arjuna, Bhuiamla, Brahmi, Adulsa and Punarnava aid the heart, liver, kidney, Lungs and brain health. Ashwagandha boosts immunity and fights oxidation.
  4. AyuImmune tablets include natural actives that prevent allergies and strengthen immunity. Ashwagandha, Amla, Giloy, Tulsi, etc., are in it.

The Marketing Measures

AyuSwasth sells its products online through Amazon, 1MG and the company’s website. The company reaches out to its clients using inorganic and organic digital media. It also meets with prominent physicians in certain regions to sell its products. The brand intends to develop this channel across India further. Customers and physicians are pleased with the outcomes of AyuSwasth products. Online, the brand continues to gain new clients and excellent recognition from physicians. It is offered throughout India via internet marketing. Communication on its science-based and high-quality Ayurveda products is one of the most successful marketing strategies, as is meeting important physicians in the company’s chosen area and reaching customers across India via digital media.

The Accomplishments and Accolades

  • Ayu Swasth has GMP and ISO certifications.
  • Ayu Swasth is the recipient of the Indian Achievers’ Award 2021 for Promising Startup.
  • Ayu Swasth is among the top ten Health supplement startup companies of 2022.
  • In 2022, Ayu Swasth also received the CEO Story Award.

The Newest Releases

AyuSwasth has a rich pipeline of novel products at different research and development phases. Other products for categories such as Digestive health, Hair health, Men’s health, Weight management, Metabolic health, Stress, Neurological health, and Hair health, among others, are currently being developed and will be released shortly.

The Future Plan

Ayu Swasth offers a broad product portfolio. The company intends to grow to numerous international and national locations shortly. It also intends to create Phytopharmaceutical products in collaboration with many research institutions and other R&D centers.

Message from the Director

“My path as an entrepreneur has been emotionally and professionally very gratifying. I have learned much from other leaders, my colleagues, and my team.” — Dr. Arun Gupta.
On a personal level, he wants to continue expanding his knowledge, identifying his flaws via the input of his inner circle, and attempting to improve them. From a business perspective, he strives to provide more services and products to needy people and to increase its present geographic coverage inside and outside India.

Advice for New Business Owners

Youth is one of India’s most valuable assets for economic growth. Today, several young educated individuals want to become entrepreneurs. Dr. Arun cautions this youthful and energetic generation of entrepreneurs not to chase money alone. Rather, they should strive to deliver the greatest available solutions in the shape of services or products in response to the market’s recognized requirement gaps and work continually to provide improved quality at reasonable rates. He also believes that companies should avoid shortcuts and wait for long-term success.






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