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Auto Ingress India Pvt. Ltd.

Auto Ingress is a leading automatic entrance solution provider with over 27 years of expertise in the design, manufacture, sales, and service of automatic doors, gates, window systems, and architectural glass hardware solutions. Auto Ingress was founded in 1996 in Australia, and it was in 2015 that the company started its operations in India. Auto Ingress has played a prominent role in providing various bespoke and specialized entrance solutions to the Indian fenestration industry.
Through its in-house R&D facility, Auto Ingress specializes in designing and manufacturing automatic entry solutions in the form of sliding and swing doors that comply with the current quality standards. Personalization is a cornerstone of their business model, and it plays a dominant role in curating high-tech entry solutions with market-leading warranties. The company adheres to a rigorous quality management system that is constantly upgraded through a systematic quality process, thus ensuring high customer satisfaction.
What makes Auto Ingress India stand apart is their compliance with tried and tested operators designed for lightweight, medium, and heavy-duty panels. With several thousand installations nationwide, Auto Ingress automatic door systems are fast becoming the undeniable choice in various esteemed projects in India.
Indeed, Auto Ingress is determined to earn recognition and market share by providing reliable, authentic, quality-driven products under the umbrella of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Not only are the company’s products requiring low-maintenance, but also, easy to install, aesthetically appealing and most importantly, they are comprehensively supported by market-leading warranties.
Joining us today is Mr. Suresh Panneerselvam, Managing Director of this acknowledged innovator and leading automatic entrance solution provider in India, for an interactive conversation. During the conversation, we asked the dignitary about what pushed Auto Ingress to spread its horizons to the Asian market and what mantras are behind the continual success of the company. He touched upon the fact that because India is a new hotspot of massive opportunities, particularly in the fenestration industry, Auto Ingress was certain that Indian people would welcome the concept of automated door and entrance solutions with great enthusiasm.
The conversation we had with him encapsulated many valuable lessons for young entrepreneurs and addressed the agenda of fostering innovation proactively in the Indian fenestration industry. Hence, we decided to feature the brand story of Auto Ingress India Private Limited under the enticing edition of “Most Trusted Brand of the Year 2023”.


Auto Ingress India aims to offer high-quality, innovative, effortless, and secure entry solutions and technical support for the best possible value to its customers.


The vision is to achieve customer and employee delight at the highest level as the team strives to become a market leader in automatic door technologies.

Auto Ingress India

Gauging an Odyssey to Glory

Though the brand Auto Ingress is ranked among the top players in Australia, being a relatively new brand in India brought many hurdles for the company during the initial years. While brand acceptance was picking up, several geopolitical challenges were faced, which included demonetization, the global market recession, inflation, the COVID-19 pandemic, etc. Despite all the critical challenges faced by Auto Ingress India, the company marched ahead staunchly and continued to emerge stronger year after year, and today it has become one of the most trusted brands in the fenestration industry in the country.

Auto Ingress India

Actions that Speak Dedication for Adding Values

Auto Ingress India believes that the “trust factor” can only be established when a brand is honest with all the stakeholders and committed to overall quality and service. Auto Ingress, as a brand, has always approached customers in a consultative manner, thus offering the right solutions at the right price and at the right time with the highest quality practices and market-leading warranties. Service has always been the backbone, which has helped the company earn trust amongst its wide customer base.
Mr. Suresh Panneerselvam explains further, “At Auto Ingress India, customers are the foremost priority of the team, and we implement everything that is required to foster long-term alliances with our esteemed customers. Customized solutions, quick turn-around time, product quality and functionality, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic designs are the key influencing factors that helped to lay an uncompromising foundation for our brand. Hence, it is an innate quality of Auto Ingress to take the utmost care during the complete life cycle of the product, from sourcing raw materials to purchase, production, quality assurance, logistics, installation, and after-sales service. This ideology has helped us reach where we are today, and customer satisfaction has been the sole contributing factor in every aspect of our business growth.”

Auto Ingress India

Leading the Curve

The company has pursued various strategies, such as project marketing, consultative sales, digital marketing, OEM tie-ups, and retail branding. With such parallel efforts, the company has been able to reach the length and breadth of the Indian market. Further, the team has been passionately developing and launching new product solutions to suit Indian market conditions. These new products are both contemporary to current requirements and future-oriented, based on anticipated technological improvements.
Auto Ingress is working on launching special solutions for the industrial and residential sectors this financial year. The team is also high on energy to introduce several solutions for interiors in commercial and residential applications in the forthcoming years. The near aim of the dart is to become the most preferred brand in the fenestration industry in the coming years.

Concluding Words of Intellect

Towards the culmination of the conversation, Prime Insights expressed its sincere gratitude to Mr. Suresh Panneerselvam for joining us and sharing his eminent experiences with us. Knowing that his perspective holds great significance, we kindly requested that the dignitary share a few words with our audience.

Here is what he quotes:

“As we are in the era of the digital revolution, future-oriented technologies will be the harbingers of innovation. Hence, focusing on these aspects is essential to keeping the businesses relevant, trendy, mass-approachable, and lucrative.
Certainly, in any business, customers are the lifeblood, and their satisfaction is of profound value to any organization. To aspire to become the epitome of faith and reliability in the market, it is imperative to surpass challenges and translate customers’ dreams into tangible realities. At the end, I would pour in the best of my wishes to all the young minds reading this draft. I hope you successfully follow your passion and become the unbeatable masters of your areas of keen interest. Never stop experimenting with your knowledge and keep upskilling yourself.”

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