Cyber Security is one such true innovation that came up when businesses didn’t even know that it would be a total game-changer. The modern business bubble is growing at a rapid speed, thanks to the technological advancements happening! But as everything comes with some consequences, cyber-security threats and frauds are also becoming the major cause of the mayhem. We can assure you that your cyber-security is in the right hands when Aquila I takes the lead. Yes, Aquila I is one such dedicated player in the cyber-security domain that works to bring an extensive bouquet of solutions on a single platform to target, assess and mitigate all these modernistic cyber threats, so you can move ahead with technology. To discuss things in more detail we have Mr. Aditya Sawant- CEO of Aquila I, joining us today. He told us many interesting facts about how Aquila I is leveraging its industry expertise to help organizations understand their respective cyber objectives and safeguard their processes. We will be hearing so many things about the company and witnessing how their whole idea of security works!

Germinating the Idea Amidst the Challenges

The company was conceptualized and born to adhere to security needs. There were already many firms existing in this domain but none of them were targeting the root of cyber-security problems. Over these two years, the firm has helped many organizations to primarily get better with the security portions. The security market is quite archaic and occupied, but security leaders didn’t have the crucial solutions to real-life problems. Moreover, they were not cost-efficient and had a major dependency on internal efforts to run the solutions. As an entity, Aquila I had to put in a lot of effort to make it adaptable in the market and give customers the comfort area to evaluate the services better. They ventured with tools that were created to solve these real problems on the grounds of efficiency. The team had a lot to compete with the pro vectors of the IT security systems. But what worked for them was the company’s commitment to solving the right side of issues and being transparent in what has to be offered. Their services can do a considerable number of things at half of the cost with profound effectiveness.

Service Portfolio Unlike Others

With the Aquila I Cyber Threat Protection solution, the firm helps to garner immediate threat intelligence and prevent those threats from obstructing their client’s business processes. They understand that the level of monitoring depends on the complexity of the threats. Every threat needs a different approach to its assessment. The excellent team of security experts builds a scrutinized assessment around the aforementioned concept. This not only helps the organizations to be prepared beforehand, but also helps to decimate any threats at the earliest. As the tool was easy to deploy and manage, the security leaders were able to instantly conclude its efficiency. The moment a firm starts giving wide visibility the trust factor builds in. Aquila I operate under four peripheries as-

  • The first one being ‘People’. Here is wherein we perform cyberattack stimulations to create a space of awareness amongst people for cyber-security. We compel people to report phishing incidents without any delays. We understand the density of user awareness and use multiple metrics to measure that by performing real-life simulations. Once we identify the vulnerable users who’re the soft target of these threats, then we go ahead and educate these users on our platform via comprehensive modules. All of these are built in-house and fitted precisely as per the customer’s requirements. After this, the users are fully capable of reporting such phishing incidents on our platform and that gets auto-trapped for the security admins to handle further.
  • The second focus area on Aquila I platform is ‘Infrastructure’. For any organization, the infrastructure is the primary spot where they could be vulnerable to real time threats. Identifying and hunting these gaps in Infrastructure is a much needed security requirement. We perform this through an automated VA scan across critical infrastructure for an organizations security postures. Moreover, when it comes to the infrastructure we also have Incident Management and Up-Time Monitoring which gives our clients complete hands-on control of the same.
  • The third area of operations is ‘Brand’ where in we perform Brand monitoring. This includes identifying fraudulent brand presence on the internet. This helps us to control misuse of brand in the internet space across domains, Applications, and content. We also perform deep and dark web monitoring of clients’ presence in dark web and identify brand pilferages.
  • The fourth area is Business Communication which includes setting standards for email security and antiphishing measures. This comes with a solution that authenticates emails and secures a particular domain. It also includes protection from inbound as well as outbound email communications.

Aquila I was able to discover all the aspects of security leaders’ requirements and worked with them to bring immediate yet impressive results to the table. Adding more to the company’s uniqueness is that, the team is incorporating all the pivot lessons from customer feedback in the products. It has always helped in making the products much more refined as well as suitable for the customer’s needs. The whole vibe of the services is driven by the customer’s input and not merely a group of professionals managing the tasks at the backend.

Authenticity Claiming Customer’s Trust

If any person has a valid side of information or knowledge about a certain area, then it is bound to create increasing levels of trust. The company’s customer portfolio built in these two years is retained because they have provided services with authenticity. In this crowded place, it is quite challenging to create a mark without the efforts of the internal team as well as the customers who believe in your vision. They have the philosophy of keeping customers first and with a fine team working around the clock to reach customers even before the customers reach them; it becomes a plus point from all directions. It is right to call the company “Cops of Cyber-Security” because they prevent things before taking a wrong turn.

Methodological Aspirations Coming Up

There are quite a few categories the team of Aquila I is working upon. To begin with, they are conducting a series of Research and Development in giving intricate Risk Analysis. Across businesses, they are working on new products which will empower their clients to stay 10 steps ahead of security. Their consumers will enjoy advanced outputs and a robust support team of Aquila I having their backs during all times.

Words of Intellect for Readers

For the young cyber security enthusiast of India’s future, Mr. Sawant would like to say that- “You all must maintain the right attitude as well as the right approach towards that attitude. Without the right approach, ideas won’t turn fruitful. Patience is a prominent quality that one has to maintain because the challenges are multiplying. You have to pour in hours and hours of dedication towards building a business and without patience all these goals can’t be achieved. Having a laser-like focused mindset can take you to new heights other than just trading in a particular, small area.”

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