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Apollo Shine Foundation

With our rapidly changing lifestyles, children should be educated thoroughly about the importance of maintaining their health. Not only are they the future of our country, but they also constitute approximately one-third of India’s population. With children being habituated to technology, gadgets, and mobile phones at such early ages, it has become imperative for us to pay undivided attention to their health and overall well-being. Most importantly, parents and guardians need to ensure that their child has an absolute understanding of the consequences of evolving lifestyles.

With the guidance and vision of Padmashree Dr Pratap C Reddy, Founder and Chairman of the Apollo Hospital’s Group, the Apollo Shine Foundation has etched an ambitious niche in the healthcare industry via a wide portfolio of services like state of the art health rooms, digital health screenings, a healthcare app, emergency support, and ambulance services to name a few. The beam of assertions articulating the essence of a healthy India, our editorial team was motivated and obliged to feature Apollo Shine Foundation as “India’s Most Admirable Healthcare Company 2023”.

2015: The Saga Begins

To diversify the 40 year long legacy of Apollo Hospitals in India, the Apollo Shine Foundation was incepted in 2015 with the aim of providing avant-garde healthcare services and fervent medical experience to shape the bright future of our children. The Apollo Shine Foundation understands the urgency of this agenda and has curated and successfully implemented informative on-campus programs and initiatives to educate children about the aforementioned. Keeping in mind the gaps in proper healthcare infrastructure in schools and colleges, Apollo Shine Foundation has committed itself to mitigate these gaps and take this mission across the country.

As we write this article, the Apollo Shine Foundation has found its way into almost 200 schools and colleges across the country covering almost 4 lakh students. It’s dedicated screening program has screened more than half a million students while its health education and awareness initiatives have reached more than 2 million students. The Apollo Shine Foundation focuses single mindedly only on the student community from schools, colleges and even coaching institutions.
The organization has also collaborated conscientiously with the various divisions of Apollo Hospitals namely Apollo Children’s Hospitals, Apollo Pharmacy, Apollo Clinics, Apollo Diagnostics, Apollo Cradle, Apollo Dental, Apollo 1066, Apollo 24/7 to name a few . In addition to it, the organization is also relentlessly incorporating technology in its services to move along with the dynamic drifts in the healthcare industry. Apollo Shine Foundation also holds the distinction of employing the largest number of nurses in India who are proficient in handling student healthcare.

Unwavering Persistence and Caliber

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when businesses were amid clouds of uncertainty, Apollo Shine Foundation was able to bring healthcare services to students through a 24/7 call center. Here students and teachers could still leverage their health rooms and have one-to-one conversations with the nurses regarding their health. The experiment worked so successfully that the Apollo Shine Foundation came up with an app they named “Shine Parivar”. The app helps students to use Apollo Shine services from wherever they are via a call-center model.

Dr. Ashraf Ali Baig, Head of the medical team, asserted, “We have witnessed many universities deploying a doctor or a nurse without necessary and adequate SOPs in place. Also, many institutions struggle to manage absenteeism and nurse replacement, not to mention inventory management and case documentation. Their hearts are in the right place and we help them run these rooms more professionally using Apollo Hospitals’ defined transparent protocols. These protocols have been the guiding path for us to maintain effective quality service, cost-effectively.

Being a non-profit organization and supported by a multi-national hospital, Apollo Shine Foundation is proud to offer one of the most affordable solutions in the market. Our sole vision is to see our students achieve their dreams without having to worry about their health. We want to keep students out of hospitals. For the same, we are adamantly educating our students about preventive healthcare, healthy lifestyles, and other behavioral patterns.”

The protocols laid by Apollo Hospitals keep a regulatory check on the entire functioning process of the Apollo Shine Foundation. These protocols also guarantee that services meet international standards of excellence and help to develop a comprehensive approach for germinating new categories ranging from health room design to health room management. The Apollo Shine Foundation also conducts regular health screenings and reports the results to each institution. The organization also provides vigorous emergency support and ambulance services. Students also have the liberty to walk in to the health rooms and talk freely about their mental health issues. To address mental health issues with robust concern, the team also sees a scope of establishing advanced facilities in schools and care for them at homes as well.

Concluding the read, Dr. Ashraf Ali Baig said, “We are on the front foot to fight Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and address health-hazards at early stages. The Apollo Shine Foundation finds its purpose in strengthening the minds of the country’s youth. India’s profound progress is on these little shoulders. We want to build health rooms in every school and educational institution across the country and connect them to a resilient healthcare system that is at their service 24/7. We are vigilant about penetrating the rural and isolated areas of the country. Our aim is to focus on linking remote cities and smaller schools to our foundation through various digital channels and tech-driven strategies. Through these measures and through community engagement, we hope to work towards our goal to Keep India Healthy”


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