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aNumak And Company Enables Others To View A New Dimension Of Management And Technology Consultation

aNumak And Company

Management consulting and technology consulting are among the biggest businesses in the world and the leaders in the field. Most people consider why the growth of technology and AI is the start of growth in the management and technology consulting business. Management consulting and technology consulting may not have a harder time growing because they can hire the best consultants and have access to advanced analytics tools from tech giants. Also, a new breed of niche consultancies like aNumak and Company makes it easier for management and technology consulting to grow. But because this consultancy business is non-secretive and because this article looks to the future, most insights come from experience.
aNumak & Company is known worldwide for its hard work and dedication. As a brand, it is known for always going above and beyond what clients expect, making them trust the company daily. Its strategies change the typical business model into one that is unique, dynamic, and successful. It uses its knowledge and experience in the core domain to develop the best solutions for driving growth. Also, the company wants to boost sales by making new tools for marketing. So, the main goal is to create a sales funnel that includes both sales and marketing. It is what makes the company stand out.

Idea Behind The Start

The COVID-19 pandemic was the perfect storm that made the owners want to start a business, which became aNumak and Company. Seeing the world suffer and people lose their jobs made the company want to start a revolution. Mrs. Uma AnupKumar and Mrs. Neha Anush, who started the organization, decided it was time to give back to the world and the community. So, they had a deep thought to do something good for society.
They could easily imagine how hard it would be for people worldwide to return to work after the pandemic. For example, they would have to wear formal clothes and travel long distances to work, slowing them down and making them less productive. So, the founders wanted to start a company that let people work from anywhere. Ultimately, “Misery of Covid-19” enlightened the two women entrepreneurs to start the company.

Challenges Defeated with Pride

One of the company’s first problems was finding the right people with good leadership skills. Among the challenges it faced when building its reputation in the market was getting people to understand its complex business problems.

aNumak Solutions

The company is a global management consulting firm that makes business models that can be scaled up for various industries/organizations. It helps businesses with their problems by consulting, transforming digital, and making new products.
By combining off-site and on-site support with new strategies, the company changes traditional business models into dynamic, high-performing, and innovative ones. Getting the best solutions for growing a business depends on how well experts in its core areas know the business.

Meeting the Customer Trust

When a customer meets the brand, the company wins their trust and convinces them that it can give them a 360-degree view of their entire business roadmap. In this age where people don’t trust each other, they trust brands more than ever. It is because of reasons like:

  • A brand that has good reviews and ratings is getting proposals for fair deals with sample services
  • Offers unique products or services
  • Information is kept private and safe
  • Known for having a healthy place to work

The company became well-known in its field by listening to its customers, talking to them, making their time, and giving them personalized experiences.

Customer Base

The company’s view is that customers should always come first. The company puts the needs of its customers ahead of those of its services when making decisions. The company makes all of its decisions with the client as a priority in mind. The company has a client communication system that works well and has many layers of ways to solve problems. At each stage, its clients can easily talk to each other one-on-one about their problems. The company also tries to build strong relationships with its clients through its network of partners, who are very helpful worldwide.
The company checks how confident customers are in its services regularly. It maintains a CSAT scorecard and sends a survey to clients after a project is completed with them. It gives the company a way to get helpful feedback. The company values the clients’ suggestions and does everything it can to follow them.

Strategies Help Business Promotions

The best marketing strategies that the company has used are putting together a consulting study that takes two to three weeks to design and in-person discussions/meetings that help people understand the problem better.

The Future Plans

The company’s plan for growth is clear when you look at its strong foundation, goals and value proposition. Its goal is to grow its consulting business to a global Fortune 100 company level over the next 100 years. The company wants to train managers at all levels and in all departments. Each manager will be in charge of their team. The company also plans to make 20 million dollars in the next five years by focusing its management consulting services on new technologies like Blockchain, AI, Edge Computing, natural language processing, augmented reality, analytics, and data science.
The company has added WEB 3.0 consulting studies to its list of services in 2022. The company has expanded its work borders to UAE as well.

Uma Anupkumar’s and Neha Anush’s Journey

Uma Anupkumar and Neha Anush felt like starting a business was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a woman entrepreneur. The journey has been full of ups and downs. Still, every minute has been full of new ways for them to learn and discover things.
The company has high hopes for the coming year because of them. With time and business growth, the founders have found a good balance between work and life that will last for themselves and their teams. The company aims to expand its market while improving remote consulting in different languages. It will give the stakeholders involved an interesting mix of technology and business.

An Advice to Young Founders

Uma and Neha advise young people who want to start their own business: “Chase the dream, not the money; the latter will follow you.” They also said, “We found Prime Insights to be a very effective public relations company that asked questions and gave us many insights.”


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