Major AI features to be introduced starting from Brad update to Google Search: an announcement by CEO Pichai at Google I/O event:

Sundar Pichai launched many new features for Google products, as per the news published in Hindustan Times. Google’s CEO opened the highly anticipated Google I/O event in front of a limited live audience on Wednesday, 10th April 2023. The event took place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. The tech giant’s boss has made some major declarations focused chiefly on artificial intelligence.

Bloomberg has listed a few important points from the vent that day, where the CEO of Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google has made some announcements based on the current updating of Google platform. The points are hereby listed as follows:

There is going to be introduced a ‘Help me write’ tool under Gmail which can compose replies for users by pulling pertinent information from the message. Users will now be able to select options like ”Recreate” or “Elaborate” to refine the message and make it more compelling.

In the latter half of 2023, Google Photos will have a Magic Editor that uses semantic engineering and generative AI to enhance images.

Pichai has introduced Immersive View for Maps routes at the Google I/O event. It is where users when required to take a route, the Maps will offer various options and users can click on Immersive View for a photorealistic view of the route. There will be real-time weather updates, air quality check index, etc soon getting launched on Google Maps too.

The latest version of Google’s language model has been launched namely PaLM 2 by Pichai which supports over 100 languages and allows for collaboration. Today, Google unveiled over 25 products that use PaLM 2.

Additionally, Google Search is receiving an AI update that will display more comprehensive search results with more information and improved security measures along with a variety of content.

In more than 20 programming languages Bard can now perform coding and debugging. Google has removed the waitlist for Bard and is opening up its access to more than 180 countries and territories in English.

Let us see now what Google I/O is:

It is an annual developer conference that is hosted by the tech giant. It introduces the company’s most recent products, upgrades, latest softwares and other advanced products and services. Google I/O stands for Input/output, and the motto is “Innovation is Open”.

There is a huge rush and sound over social media, especially on Twitter about the latest updates and features at Google. Several exciting AI features have generated huge user responses. Google has also launched its first foldable Smartphone as per The Times of India. Thus, a host of new features put forward by the CEO such as a brand new AI-powered search engine-Search that promises to generate hyper-personalized product information, AI additions to Gmail and much more. The latest launched smart gadgets are Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. Both Pichai and Thomas Kurien (CEO of Google Cloud) were praised and congratulated for their utmost effort in the introduction of these features. The entire Google team was also praised and comments like ‘Google is back’, circulated the social media pages. It is a monumental event for Google and its users across the world and users expect these features to stay much longer.


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