How AI is changing the e-commerce industry

The future of the e-commerce world is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The future is here and every smart business has realised that AI must be incorporated at any cost and that it is not a luxury option anymore. It is believed that AI helps to generate customer engagement and increases traffic.  From social media to APIs like Payeezy tech are strong elements to sustain the e-commerce platform. Recently selling platforms like Amazon and Ocados are also implementing AI technology to catch on with e-commerce companies and start-ups.

AI has become a new wave of marketing technology and can assist in a wide variety of services in e-commerce platforms right from increasing brand value to closing sales and generating a customer base. Let us see how:

Getting viewed

Brand awareness and promotion are necessary for your start-up or product development.  AI helps to create brand-engaging content and an effective platform to post it. One can see the followers update and their reactions in real-time. AI systems like Cortex can associate with digital asset managers to help in sending recommended photos.

Increased e-commerce sales

With improved traffic in a start-up, AI can also close the deal and generate repeat customers. This can turn virtual window shoppers into real-time customers. The ability to ask questions and get guidance on any product in an online e-commerce website has become easy with AI> AI helps machines to understand human language as well where it acts as a virtual Chabot located on e-commerce sites.

Generating interest

AI works beyond simply data collection and in turn, uses an algorithm to learn the requirement of the recent customers. By looking at the rate of brand engagement with one’s customers on social media and your competitors. The predictive analysis predicts the best type of content for many social media sites. As AI collects real-time data so any new change or tech development shall be easily adapted by AI thus continuing to excel the start-up.

Rank higher in Google

Social media, news sites and website traffic can curb down your rank. AI helps to withdraw it and helps immensely with social media sites, SMO, traffic, etc. another factor showing your rank is topical authority. It means how well a person can cover a subject or section of the industry. A topical authority is further strengthened when it is connected to a blog or other information sources.

Improved customer service

AI helps to solve quick and easy customer service issues by answering questions easily. This, in turn, frees up human customer service representatives to put focus on more matter that requires a personal touch on a priority basis. So, increased customer interactions increase the customer experience which in turn boosts the e-commerce industry.

Reducing counterfeit products

Although business is booming everywhere with the use of the internet that has made selling, brand promotion and promoted connectivity, there are also available a large number of fake people or scammers who use this opportunity through e-commerce websites and sell fake products. AI takes time to verify such customer purchases and makes sure that no users get mislead by a poor product online. AI pulls out data from various websites to re-verify the quality of the product before marketing.

Product recommendations

Both the upselling and cross-selling of e-commerce businesses can be uplifted with AI assistance. Through product recommendations, AI can do deep learning across machines to check for consumer behavioural patterns recommend products accordingly. This means consumers can easily see products predicted and sorted by AI and put as interesting ones in the centre. AI easily analyses the buying habits and choices of repeated customers through machine learning and productive analysis. Companies can in turn use this data to create personalised experiences for buyers based on their respective preferences.

Customer’s journey prediction

AI has an inbuilt capability to learn and predict items and selling patterns. The consumer data is well analysed to give a more accurate business result. This helps companies fetch a better understanding of which platforms to raise products to reach the desired audience base.AI also determines the best time to post content through learning when there is a high influx of customers who are susceptible to buy the product you want.

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