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Businesses are fundamentally changing with new technologies, changing workforce expectations, and business models. HR teams are often stuck between fulfilling the present and future requirements of the organization. It gives HR a chance to play a new role in shaping how businesses compete, find talent, and interact with their communities.
Today, A-Fond HR Services is an essential part of many Indian businesses. Its professionals are in charge of sorting through job applicants, hiring the best ones, and keeping talented workers once they have been hired. The company is constantly developing new ways to find and keep employees. It is especially true now that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal.

Thoughts Turned Reality

At early age she was inclined to award to Human Resource Management Services, So she began her entrepreneurial journey on the same , by establishing “Afond HR Services” around 12 yrs ago in 2007, a leading and renowned consultancy firm. Her biggest assets are her Parents, who gave her the encouragement & freedom to do what she wished. She started Afond HR Services from her hometown, Indore.

A Journey of Challenges

In 2008, Payal moved to Mumbai and inaugurated her Corporate Office with a huge team, and operate her Indore Office remotely. By 2012, Payal established her 4 branch offices in 4 Zones with a huge team and handled it remotely. Till 2015, she made almost 500 well-known clients and placed more than 9000 candidates at different positions and Brand/Companies. Payal and her team are working on a common goal which gives her huge success in her life.
In the beginning, finding clients for the business and CVs or resumes of candidates simultaneously for the company was challenging. It was hard to buy a specific software and portal for hiring at that time. Since the company was new, getting enough trust and money to build a team and close deals with clients was hard. But kudos to the company’s hiring team, who had faith in the company and never stopped working to meet the goals. When Payal Soni started this company in 2008, there was a recession, and most industries stopped hiring. Luckily, the company only worked in the FMCG sector, where it was hard to get data and software out of its price range.

A-FOND Quality

The company was the first in India to offer recruitment services in an organized way. Over the years, it has worked with leading Indian businesses and multinationals as their preferred partners. It has helped the company become the country’s leading recruitment or HR brand. Along with the fact that Indian professionals trust the company as consultants, it makes up its core capability in building organizations and careers.

Brand Reputation

Clients care more than ever about trusting a brand. The company can gain trust by showcasing the hiring strategies, process, and how to evaluate a position by showing the company’s unique selling proposition (USP). Since the company has a skilled HR team, its clients can be satisfied as soon as it closes on a position, which is the only part of its service that matters.
On a scale of 1 to 10, the company’s clients give it an 8.5. The company has been doing HR work for 15 years. Some of its clients have been with it for 8+ years. During the pandemic, many clients trusted the company’s services because it shared CVs quickly and did not waste time. It also knew what the clients were looking for and gave them several options.

The Industry Best

The company has worked for more than 15 years. It is vital in India and has offices in Indore, Mumbai and Jaipur. A valuable database of 30+ million candidates is still being used at the company. Each candidate is personally screened before the company shows them to its clients. The company helps people find junior, senior, and middle-level jobs. It follows the system for placed candidates every three months.
The company has taught finishing skills to about 8680 people looking for work. It has done 20,000 hours of interviews in the previous 13 years. The company finds good and quick jobs for Indian candidates in its database. It helps people in all industries find placements and jobs. The company gives the clients the best candidate within their desired time frame. Some more reasons that explain why the company is the best industry in 2022 are listed below:

  • Well-equipped infrastructure
  • Pan-India offices
  • A squad with physical reach
  • ERP software conducts daily operations
  • Works with FMCG, Pharma, Retail, Consumer Durable, OTC, Lighting, Banking and more.
  • 2 employment sites
  • Social media-savvy
  • 30 Recruiters
  • C-town and Metro reach

An A-Fond Customer

Clients are essential to the company because all its work depends on them. As a service-based business, all that matters to the company is that its clients are satisfied. The company is proud of its long-haul industry relationships and that 75 percent of its revenue comes from its current clients, which shows those clients are happy.

Marketing Initiatives

The company specifically used different hiring portals for headhunting. Since all candidates look for jobs on Linkedin, it was easy for the company to find a particular candidate and their CV. The company also used the Naukari Portal to find people whose profiles matched the job well. It can also find business clients through LinkedIn. The company started hiring people for education, digital marketing, IT, retail, pharma, and wellness jobs.

The Future Plan

As a Pan-Indian brand, the company needs international hiring services. Also, it wants to help its clients get international brands.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Payal Soni has always wanted to be her boss. She was especially interested in Human Resources Management. In 2008, she moved to Mumbai and opened the company’s Corporate Office with a strong team. She ran the Indore Office from a distance. As long as everything went as planned, she could open four branches in different parts of India. She has worked with close to a thousand high-profile clients and hired tens of thousands of people for different jobs.
At a very young age she became a very successful entrepreneur with a team of 70+ employees.

In her Journey she was Awarded with many awards such as:-

  • Rani Jhansi Award in 2016 for catching a fraud by the Police Department, Jaipur 2016.
  • “Young Entrepreneur-Female 2017” Award by the Jeweller’s Association, Jaipur.
  • She has had the honour of being the Chief-Guest for many art and cultural activities of School/Colleges.
  • She has had the honour of being the Chief guest of many women healthcare rallies and functions.
  • She has organised many social cause marathons in Indore and Jaipur.
  • She has had the honour of being the Chief Guest for Jaipur Police Marathon at Wagah Border, Punjab.
  • She has had the honour of being awarded for the Best HR Recruitment Agency Award by DUNCAN TEA, since 2010.
  • In 2014 and 2017 she has had the honour of being awarded for Leading Recruitment Firm Award from KORES.
  • She was nominated by many other companies for their HRD Awards.
  • She had honour as Iconic Women of the Year in 2019 from CIWL
  • CEO of the Year in 2020 from CEO Insight


Never start a business just to make money. Start a business to make a difference.

– Payal Soni says to new business owners.


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