Aero Plast Ltd: A Pre-eminent Brand That’s Spurring Transformation in The Indian Market

Aero Plast Ltd.

In the past few years, there has been an unprecedented rise in companies that’ve ushered avant-garde concepts in their respective industries. They’ve displayed a remarkable zeal to raise the collective quality & innovation standards through their arduously consistent efforts. Throughout the business world, their determination has been appraised through not only words but also umpteen accolades & recognitions at both national and international levels.
We’ll be talking about one such esteemed company in this article, Aero Plast Ltd, a vision of veteran entrepreneur Mr. Ajay Goyal. The company has paved the way for a whole new benchmark of service excellence through its novel paper bags & packaging products.
Established in 1995, Aero Plast has come a long way in establishing a solid national reputation thanks to the efforts of Mr. Ajay. There are certain key elements of his brand and his success story that have been largely instrumental in this regard.

Ajay’s Initial Struggle Phase

The fiery entrepreneurial spirit of Ajay originally stemmed from his humble beginnings. As a student, he wasn’t particularly good in studies with below-average scores. During his 10th standard, he decided to not do a job when his service-class father wasn’t allowed to take leave for a major operation of his younger brother. Ajay had to independently take him for operation in Rohtak City, which was 97 km away from his residence, at the young age of 15. Whilst in the hospital, he vowed to never do service in his entire life.
Ajay has furthermore had first-hand business experience which’ve helped shape his entrepreneurial foundation. In 1976, he started his first venture by taking contract of College Hostel Mess, with zero capital. Later on, in 1978, he started a small trading company and sold products on a bicycle. His first years’ sale with this stint was about Rs 3000/-
The spree of consecutive business experiences ultimately led to the seed for Aero Plast Ltd, almost two decades later in 1995.

Aero Plast’s Multifaceted Expansion

Since its initial days, Ajay has relentlessly strived towards expanding his company’s product portfolio to include a multitude of facets. His products now encompass:

  • Laminated Flexible Films For Food And Pharma Sector.
  • Laminated Flexible Pouches For Food And Pharma Sector.
  • Pe Film For Milk, Lamination Film For Paneer, Khoya, Peda, Smp & Shrink Film.
  • Paper Shopping And Sos Bags.
  • Ld/Hm/Pp/Printed Poly Bags, Tubes, Sheets & Stretch.
  • Paper & Poly Bags For E- Commerce, Courier Industries & Universities.

Owing to such a diverse portfolio, Aero Plast has been able to inspire novel product designs and carve a unique space for itself in the industry. A great part of this can be attributed to the company’s constant innovation mindset.

Keeping Pace with Market Developments

Being in the entrepreneurial game for decades, Ajay very well understands the significance of consistent advancement. For this very reason, he has an “either update or be outdated” philosophy of business and life in general.
The team at Aero Plast are unequivocally dedicated to refining and fine-tuning the product features & designs per market requirements. They have multifarious fluidic and evolutionary processes to go about this, which are deployed strategically in accordance with the transitory demands of their industry.
Ajay furthermore elaborates that he’s used to shifting his factory every 6 years and his residence in 10 years. In the current financial year, his company is working to shift factory location at Area X 15.
Ajay’s relentless commitment to growth has helped him go from Rs 3000 to 9000 Lac in his business revenue. He’s immensely confident that he’ll be able to maintain this growth trajectory in the future as well.

Ajay’s Humanitarian Efforts

In addition to the great monetary growth, Ajay has also progressed significantly on the humanitarian front over the years. He is of the firm believe that all efforts to better mankind must start at home. He has made it his personal credo to always support his family, relatives, and the workforce at Aero Plast.
The standard “Roti, Makan, and Kapra” necessities are a noteworthy goal that Ajay strives to fulfil for his workforce. He envisions accomplishing this by establishing a resident factory premises for the employees. Ajay is quite cognizant of the fact that migrant labourers live in extremely poor conditions. Through Aero Plast, he will provide 1000 such labourers a respectable and good lifestyle with proper hygiene, accommodation, and other facilities. At present, a total of 250 persons are employed by the company.
Apart from the humanitarian focus, Aero Plast is also widely acknowledged for the professional & educational competence of its core members.

The Driving Force Behind Aero Plast

Ajay’s entrepreneurial lineage has been successfully maintained by his two sons, Abhay and Abhas Goyal. They’re the next generation promoters of the company who’ve helped it conquer many economic and developmental milestones. Even on the academic front, they posses a unique combination of educational experiences.
Abhay Goyal, the elder son of Ajay, holds a Master’s degree from University of Sheffield, UK. The younger son, Abhas Goyal, dis his M. Sc in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship from Manchester Business School, UK. It is this rich educational background, as well as the learnings from their father, which’ve been largely conducive in developing their business acumen & entrepreneurial personality.
Going forward, the father-son trio is seeking to expand Aero Plast across a multitude of domains & geographical markets. They have a strong vision for a holistic brand that not only garners profits, but also preserves the environment as well as mankind.
Taking inspiration from Aero Plast, we all can strive, at least to the best of our capacity, to conduct ethical & environment-conscious business.


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