Aeiforia Constructions: Propagating the Ideology of Adopting Sustainable Civil, Interior, and Architectural Construction


Aeiforia Constructions | Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023

For its enthralling editorial release, “Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023,” the editorial team of Prime Insights welcomed Mr. Lalit Mohan Gupta, CEO at Aeiforia Constructions Private Limited, for a virtual interactive discussion. Having the dignitary on board was a riveting privilege for us, as we got the opportunity to explore the legacy painted by Aeiforia Constructions. With its futuristic agenda of creating sustainable and impeccable construction projects, the company is scattering an unseen vibrancy of continual growth. During the conversation, we also got close glimpses of Aeiforia’s achievements, prominent collaborations, market reputation, and strategies for holding a strong customer base. Carrying profound excerpts of entrepreneurial excellence, we are assured that Mr. Lalit Mohan Gupta’s words and Aeiforia’s journey are set to inspire our extended family to transcend boundaries.

A Swift Introduction to the Firm

Aeiforia is a team of architects, interior designers, engineers, and consultants in sustainable architecture. With an unflinching commitment to preserve the environment, Aeiforia Constructions brings sustainable design projects to life and stands by its motto, ‘Build Green, Live Smart.’ The company facilitates its broad client base with turnkey solutions. From conceptualization to execution and the fully furnished stage, Aeiforia embarks on the complete project management of any site. Also, the company facilitates services independently or even integrates them if required.
For every project that Aeiforia undertakes, its team of professionals keeps an absolute focus on design, service, and execution, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. They adapt technology and create spaces that are adequately suited to the needs of the clients without compromising on quality. Aeiforia’s qualified resources create a clear strategy for how the project can deliver sustainable goals. The team associates all aspects of waste reduction, water conservation, energy conservation, and indoor environmental quality with every project they endorse.

Laying the Foundation

In 2005, Ar. Bhupendra and Ar. Pragya attended the IGBC Congress at the Taj Hotel in Delhi. The words of exemplary Indian leader and then-president Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam inspired the duo. Their hearts were filled with optimism after witnessing the potential of green building projects displayed at the conference. At that time, the founder couple dreamed of designing their projects to be green and sustainable. Over there only, the word Aeiforia was born in the year 2008. The concept of Aeiforia took proper shape and started the execution of its projects from 2011 onward. The company’s name was registered in 2012, and projects started pooling in 2013.
Exhibiting a surreal passion for the vision Ar. Bhupendra saw, he continued pouring his dedicated efforts into building Aeiforia. Years later, he was invited to speak at the same IGBC conference as a guest speaker, which gives us an inspiring picture of what wonders consistent dedication can bring to an entrepreneur!

Initial Granularities of the Journey

Incorporating sustainability into construction and designing projects was and still is subject to the challenge of awareness. People are not aware of the essentiality of building green buildings, why the materials used in office interiors are important, and other relevant perspectives. However, Aeiforia is on a mission to spread awareness about the aforementioned and help people move towards sustainable construction solutions.
“Creative thinking, proper enthusiasm, and the right blend of knowledge and experience can always make a big difference in meeting the challenges of building projects. Keeping customer satisfaction at the core of services, the company puts clients in a position where they don’t have to experience any unnecessary expenditure often associated with property renovations, extensions, transformations, or even the design and consultation of any new commercial buildings,” elucidates Mr. Lalit Mohan Gupta.

Services Portfolio

The company’s scope of work is defined by all sorts of design, project management, execution, and turnkey solutions required to transform a space into an international-standard corporate building. Aeiforia offers architectural conversion of a building, property extensions, office building refurbishments, and new builds across various budgets.
Whether it’s building a new office, adding up different floors, or even doing some modifications to the buildings, Aeifora’s professionals ensure to offer high-quality finishes and aesthetic touches. In every project taken up by Aeiforia, the experts try to bring out the best of their knowledge and experience to create practical solutions. The team only works on delivering outstanding construction projects for the public sector and blue-chip organizations.

  • Design and Build

The team believes in providing expert architectural and sustainable design input on every project. The extensive experience assures that the project will be designed while taking care of all essential principles. Only after understanding and identifying the requirements of the project does the team draft preliminary drawings of the plot as discussed.
Apart from this, the company’s engineers undertake a complete structural load calculation, which helps to determine precisely what foundations need to be implemented to construct the project both efficiently and safely. Besides all these, this team of experts can also work on all aspects of the building, including complex tasks like property extensions, new building construction, or commercial property refurbishments.

  • Design Consultation

Every building project relies on a good exterior and interior design process. The design of any building indicates its nature, defines the resources needed and decides its outcome.
Aeiforia’s in-house team of designers offers a complete, integrated design service. Its timeless design consultancy combines exceptional, exciting, and creative concepts with efficiency. One can hire Aeiforia for design consulting work and get the best advice on their properties and investments.
The team brings ease, effortlessness, and joy to custom design. These designs fit the client’s lifestyle, property, and budget. These custom designs and construction plans have been recognized with many awards and are featured in numerous design and building publications as well.

Efforts to Drive Customer Satisfaction

As customer satisfaction is the driving force for Aeiforia, we asked Mr. Lalit Mohan Gupta about what measures the company implements to strengthen the alliances made with customers, to which he asserts, “As proud as we are of our accomplishments, our priority is to meet our client’s expectations and to provide a pleasurable experience, right from the initial stages of design to the final phases of construction.
At Aeiforia, we predominantly focus on the seamless delivery of exceptional projects and paying attention to the finest detail. We work with maven craftsmen and specialist suppliers so that services can be tailored to our clients’ exact requirements.
Our clients are very satisfied with our services and customer support. We offer quality service and assure that our vision is aligned with our customers’ vision. We provide support to our customers after delivery of the project to encourage repeat business.
We are one of the top players in the field of green building and sustainable turnkey solutions. Our customers know us as a technology-driven young team that is eager to offer sustainable solutions to its customers while maintaining complete transparency.”

Aeiforia’s Vision for Tomorrow

Mr. Lalit plans to take his business venture public by 2025. The background activities to pursue the goal were already initiated last year. Being a service-based company, Aeiforia Constructions is also planning to enter the facility management domain. After venturing into facility services, the team will work with a 5X business model.
Aeiforia’s services are flag-bearers of green endeavors and promote the agenda of environmental conservation across all horizons. The team will also be coming up with many strategic initiatives to put this agenda on a broader footing and create more energy-efficient workplaces for the corporate industry. Technology will surely be an integral element of Aeiforia’s upcoming services, as the team is committed to staying one step ahead.
As a part of its noble CSR activities, Aeiforia supports the education of children in the tribal area to nurture a prosperous future for these unprivileged young minds. The company promises to continue performing many noble endeavors like these for the betterment of society.

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