Aaveg Management Services: Mr. Ashok Vashist’s Dream To Reform India’s Employee Transport Scene

For many large banks and BPOs, the management of non-core activities is a troublesome affair. Professionals from these organizations generally lack the time/energy to deal with non-core issues, as they’re preoccupied with more important projects. Not only does this negligence result in an inefficient use of financial/human resources but also costs them several avoidable expenses.
To help companies handle non-core issues in a seamless manner, Aaveg Management Services provides them cutting-edge employee commute, consulting, and advising solutions. In a figurative sense, Aaveg takes the “burden off their shoulders” by providing them ease of operations, better employee satisfaction, and increased safety & productivity.
Aaveg was founded back in 2015 by Mr. Ashok Vashist(Founder and CEO of Aaveg) and Mr. Sachin Agrawal(COO). From an organization with just 2 employees, the brand has proliferated into a national leader in its niche, having over 200+ employees and branches in 7 cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata.Its client base now covers 52 Customers, including big names like HSBC, Maxlife Insurance, and Tesco.


Aaveg’s Innovative Employee Transport Solutions

Employee transport is a particularly problematic area in many large IT companies. Poor employee attendance and inefficient cost models cost the organization unnecessary expenses.
Aaveg utilizes a unique SaaS Technology with a PPPT(Per-Person-Per-Trip) Model that helpscompanies cut down avoidable trip costs, get better ROI for deployed resources, and increased Employee Retention. It is based on an end-to-end Management Service Provider(MSP) Model that has brought about a paradigm-shift in the way employee commute is managed in the country. All its operations are SLA Based and require no manual intervention.


Aaveg’s Challenges As AManaged Service Provider (MSP) Startup

Upon starting out in 2015, Aaveg faced tremendous resistance in the market. Being a Managed Service Provider company, it was strongly opposed by Company Admins since they deemed it to be a threat to their livelihood.
In its first year, Aaveg managed to bag a couple of clients, however, they hit a dry spell afterwards. The market’s status quo made the companies reluctant to experiment with their services. They preferred to stick to more conventional models of outsourcing.


What Makes Aaveg Stand Out Among Its Competitors

The operational team at Aaveg is extremely sensitive to its customers’ needs. It ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to addressing the customers’ complaints/demands.
Apart from the customer-centricity, Aaveg is driven by a relentless passion for technological excellence. All its operations are seamless, and hardly give rise to any escalations.
In its 5 years of existence, Aaveg hasn’t lost a single contract; a rare accomplishment in its Managed Service niche.


The Founding Principles Of Aaveg

The brand stands for virtues like professionalism, mutualism, and cooperativeness. It firmly believes in the motto “Let our work speak for itself”. Instead of relying on extravagant marketing campaigns or promotions, the brand has gradually built its reputation through consistent performance.
Over the years, Aaveg has constantly refined and fine-tuned its systems in accordance with the changing demands of its customers. This has helped the brand thrive in situations where competitors have encountered failures.
With large organizations, it becomes difficult to optimize outsourced activities. There are too many factors that need to be taken care of. Aaveg helps these organizations shed excess cargo by adopting a simple principle” “work on the efficiencies and cut out the inefficiencies”.


Aaveg’s Relentless Commitment towards Quality Service

To perform a thorough evaluation of its service quality, Aaveg performs monthly/quarterly reviews and also makes use of stats, customer feedback. Alongside these tools, the brand imbibes the feedback of driversso as to make the developmental process holistic.
The drivers are mandated to undergo a monthly/quarterly screening to ensure adherence to the brand’s quality standards. This engenders a sense of accountability on the drivers’ end and helps better understand the issues taking place at a grassroots level.
As quality-driven as Aaveg is, it never incurs any extra costs on the clients’ end. In Mr. Sachin Agrawal’s own words, the brand delivers services that are “high value yet rightly priced”.


How Aaveg Caters To the Needs Of Its Employees

Aaveg is particularly considerate to its employees and their needs. Despite market uncertainties during the pandemic, it didn’t cut down the salaries of employees and took great care in addressing all the challenges faced by them.
The brand also conducts “Mahine-Ke-Mulakat”; a monthly meetup with the drivers and trainers which aims to understand the hindrances faced by them and come up with effective solutions.


Aaveg’s Most Successful Marketing Initiatives

Although Aaveg does harness social media/digital marketing to generate leads, it prefers tojust use it as a tool to initiate long-term relations with clients.
According to Mr. Sachin Agrawal, building rapportat all levels of an organization is the most powerful approach. Since these stakeholders have authority over their regions and they’re more approachable, they’re the ideal persons who can help them foster strong connections with the brand.
Aaveg also sends regular emails with industry-related news, updates, and other resourceful info to HRs, admins, leadership etc., which helps further strengthen the brand’s ties with these stakeholders.
Apart from these, the brand also conducts events in Engg/Management Colleges to increase its outreach by leveraging educational-corporate ties.


Aaveg’s Vision For The Future

Similar to what JLL and CBRE are for FM, Aaveg endeavors to be a synonym for transport outsourcing in the country.
Alongside its transport vertical, Aaveg also plans to further develop its Human Capital Venture. Started in July this year, Aaveg’s Human Capital Venture has already attracted big clients like Whitehat Jr, Firstsource, etc. Its future plans include the introduction of a TaaS technology that’d feature an Employee’s Entire Journey through an organization, right from the entry to the exit. It would feature details like performance stats, attendance, and all relevant events in the employee’s lifespan in the organization.
In the next 5 years, the company plans to expand its staff strength to over 1000 employees and branch out to 15 other cities including Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Surat, etc. It also plans to enter the B2C Space in 2023.


Mr. Sachin Agrawal’s Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Stressing the importance of an “Entrepreneur’s Mindset”, Mr. Sachin Agrawal says “Youngsters should start thinking like an entrepreneur instead of an employee”. He often comes across highly competent candidates who have strong credentials, certifications, grades, etc., but lack the right attitude to be successful entrepreneurs. For this reason, he often tells his employees “You’re The CEO of your department, not the manager. Think and behave that way, and take extreme ownership.”





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