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During the pandemic, thousands of chronic disease patients were struggling to get treatment. The majority of healthcare centers were focused on treating COVID-19 patients, thereby leaving the former in complete neglect. This is why Zydus Hospital decided to operate as a non-COVID entity, to help ailing patients needing. By maintaining its all-inclusive patient care, it aimed to bring back the equilibrium in the healthcare ecosystem.
Zydus hospital’s highly-sophisticated healthcare establishment has the finest Medical specialists, Nursing & Administrative staff, and Paramedics on board, majority of which have trained in the U.S and Europe. It is also one of the few hospitals in its league to have full-time specialist doctors (FTD). Across clinical specialities the hospital has focused on engaging all consultants on a full time basis, this not just ensures increased availability but also aids in collective decision-making for cases requiring multi-pronged treatment planning.
Zydus Hospitals continued to manage and offer treatments for a wide range of chronic conditions even as majority of other hospitals we giving in their bit to battle the pandemic. Some of the core treatment offering which continued even through the touch days of pandemic were:
➢ Neurological Disorders
➢ Liver Disorders
➢ Heart Diseases
➢ Gastrointestinal Disorders
➢ Kidney Diseases

In addition to this, the hospital also provided other life-saving services to chronic patients:

◆ Organ Transplants (Liver & Kidney)
◆ Chemotherapy
◆ Radiotherapy
◆ Dialysis
The hospital has also set up container isolation chambers to manage patients having symptoms similar to COVID-19. This move has further strengthened its position as an “all-inclusive” healthcare brand. Initial treatment was offered to suspected COVID-19 patients while the arrangements were made for them to be transferred to a facility managing COVID-19 patients.
In cases of patients requiring critical transplant surgeries, the hospital, along with the proactive support of designated Govt. officials, ensured that all amenities were put in place. Bearing the social distancing guidelines in mind, all the meetings conducted with the officials are carried out with extreme precaution. The pivotal thought process behind this was assurance of proper and timely life-saving care to the patient. The hospital carried out several successful Liver transplant surgeries during the pandemic days, bringing smiles to families.
Zydus hospital has truly redefined the healthcare space owing to its patient-friendly approach and its fixed treatment-specific packages for a wide-range of surgeries entrusts patients with peace of mind with assurance of superior quality treatment. The brand’s state-of-the-art infrastructure along with its superior healthcare amenities have won it several accolades. In 2019 & 2020, Zydus made it to the Top Spot in Best Hospitals survey conducted by a national agency for the region.

Zydus’ Cost-Effective, Competent Services

In a country like India, there is a dire need for affordable healthcare services. Everyone, irrespective of their position in the societal hierarchy, needs access to quality yet reasonable medical amenities. Zydus Hospitals believes in offering monetarily feasible procedures and surgeries to all citizens of the country and beyond. These treatments not only ease the financial burden on the patients but also strengthen their trust in the brand’s offerings. To ensure packages offered are rightly adhered to the hospital has devised innovative ways, one such innovation is customized Pre-pared In-Ward Kits (PIKS). They’re used for procedures like Joint Replacement, Angioplasty, Uro Surgeries, and Common GI procedures. This ensures quick & single point delivery of all necessary items, thereby saving time.
Over the years, Zydus has led to a remarkable paradigm-shift in the national as well as global healthcare horizon. Zydus has so far treated patients from over 42 countries, the hospital is harnessing it’s honest & patient centric approach to deliver healthcare beyond the continent. The hospital has engaged itself with communities and NGOs across the African region. Some of Zydus’ patients from the African subcontinent are sponsored by social groups or philanthropists, it’s a unique model of healthcare referrals which is rarely seen in an organized fashion. The doctor’s from Zydus Hospitals also tutor their counterparts in Africa through demonstrative complex surgeries carried out in teaching hospitals based in the African subcontinent. Many keen learners who express their desire in visiting India for observer ship in various medical or surgical branches are encouraged and assisted. Programs are also offered in ancillary medical services like radiography etc.

The Brand’s Feedback-Driven Approach

In healthcare, great emphasis needs to be given to ‘patient experience’. This is why Zydus operates on a feedback-driven approach that helps it restructure its internal processes and systems to meet the patients’ needs. It also has a tumor board that follows a multidisciplinary approach that helps it make well-informed, knowledge-driven decisions based on the feedback. This interactive platform has also enabled the hospital to make its diabetes treatment – continuous hypoglycemia monitoring – more widely known among patients. Zydus has incorporated a robust integrated EMR & Patient Interaction System in its infrastructure. This helps the hospital enable real-time patient monitoring and various parameters like wait time, TAT and more. In addition to this, the brand has a full-fledged self-contained Comprehensive Oncology Center just about 100mtrs from the main hospital facility. The centre offers Zydus’ patient-friendly approach goes beyond just interacting with the patients. It is a strategic approach meant to create a safe environment where the patient and their families feel completely comfortable throughout the treatment cycle. It values the opinions of the patient and families and ensures that they are on the same page, each step of the way. The positive effects of such an environment are observed at the cellular level as well. The patients get a deep and complete healing and a smile of good health can be seen on their face.

Zydus’ Notable Milestones & Future Aspirations

In 2011, Zydus established an under-construction mall, about 75km away from Ahmedabad in Anand city. They transformed it into a hospital with a 160-bed capacity, contributing greatly to Gujarat’s healthcare ecosystem. From then on, it took no time for Zydus to make its presence notable in Ahmedabad. It established a 550-bed quaternary care hospital, with 16 floors in Ahmedabad followed by Zydus Cancer Centre launched in Dec 2019.
Zydus is also the only hospital in Gujarat to have been accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) in every vertical including Emergency Medicine & Nursing Excellence.
By 2022, Zydus aspires to create a total of 1500 beds under its umbrella. It is Mr. Pankaj Patel’s (Founder & Director of Zydus) vision to make Zydus a healthcare destination with top-notch doctors and offer the best of services equating global standards.

What makes Zydus Hospital one-of-a-kind?

Being in the frontline, medical providers must be transparent with their patients in terms of facts and outcomes, while instilling hope. The incredibly passionate team of professionals at Zydus see to it that all the apprehensions of the patient are attenuated. The hospital uses only the best, most advanced technologies in both, its diagnosis, and treatments.
Diagnosis: Includes PACS & Online Laboratory Reporting Systems.
Treatments: Includes Mobile-based patient alerts, Patient Management (EMR), etc.
Not only do these futuristic technologies assure 100% accuracy, but they also diminish the turnaround time for intensive treatments like dialysis.
The Emergency care at Zydus is another strong suit of Zydus. The Holistic Emergency Department of the hospital is backed by some of the finest doctors in the country. They follow strict protocols and have experience in using world-class-life-saving equipment.

Less is the new more

One-day Knee Replacement

Typically, a total knee replacement surgery takes a minimum of 3-4 days hospital stay. However, at Zydus, this procedure is done within a day, patients are discharged within 24 hours (Admission to Discharge). This procedure, too, has been made available to reduce the anxiety of the patient and his/her family regarding extended the hospital stay.
The One-day knee replacement surgery is a robust, well-orchestrated, patient-centric program designed for both, Total Knee as well as Partial Knee Replacement (Uni-Condylar). As soon as the patient agrees to the surgery, all the necessary pre-operative formalities are completed, followed by a visit from a team of pre-habilitation physiotherapists. This team guides the patient through personalized physio sessions that help them understand the patient’s muscle strength, gait, and tissue balancing. Based on the patient’s requirements, a physiotherapy regime is prescribed.
The surgery is time-bound and ensures minimum soft tissue trauma and accurate surgical results. The patient is mobilized on the same day of the surgery, with effective multi-modal pain management. Once the patient is done with the surgery, he/she is provided with follow-up care and guided physiotherapy through telemedicine.

Day Care Gastro Surgeries

Includes amenities for patients wanting to undergo day-care Gastrointestinal surgeries like- Lap Appendicectomy (Laparoscopic Appendix Surgery), Lap Cholecystectomy (Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Removal), and Lap Mesh-Hernioplasty (Laparoscopic Hernia Repair).
These surgeries are specifically made available for patients who do not want to spend too much time at the hospital due to COVID fears. Each surgery procedure involves a systematic pre-surgical evaluation, followed by a well-synchronized admission, surgery, and discharge. In this type of Day-care surgery, the patient is admitted by 7 am on the day of the surgery, and is discharged by 4:30 pm on the same day itself.
Post-operation evaluation is conducted via telemedicine and a team of doctors, while the patient recovers in the comfort of his/her home. The patient is also given a thorough ‘Do’s & Donts list, along with a customized dietary plan to follow.

Day Care Laparoscopic Gynaecology Surgeries

Reducing hospital stay for women undergoing surgery have greater concerns as they play many roles to keep our lives going on. Being centric to the wellness of our ladies, the day care gynaecology surgery focuses on reducing hospital stay, minimalizing scar and maximising comfort. The protocols followed for these surgeries as defined to the minutest detail, surgeries like Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Polypectomy, Cysterectomy and more.
A typical day care gynaecology surgery requires a patient to report to the hospital early morning, around 7am or so, all pre-operative investigations, medical clearances are done a day or two prior to admission. Surgery is planned in the first half and by late evening the patient is fit to be with their family back home.
A critical role is played by the

Telemedicine & RACE (Remote Access Consultation & Evaluation Module

Within a couple of weeks into the pandemic, Zydus initiated its adaptable telemedicine system. Through ZETS (Zydus Enterprise Telemedicine Solution), a web/application-based telemedicine solution, the hospital stays connected to its patients needing prescription refills or other assistance. The motive behind launching ZETS was to cater to the needs of patients having no access to their doctors during the COVID-19 outbreak. With this initiative, Zydus has served numerous patients from the adjoining states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh facing the same problem.
Through this app, doctors can consult their patients even from the comfort of their homes or while they’re on the move. A detailed prescription, along with the next follow-up date is generated on the app. Patients are also given the option of choosing their doorstep delivery of medicines managed via the hospital’s third-party courier partner.
RACE is another telemedicine system that is designed for specialists who are unable to visit the hospital due to whatever reason. It allows doctors to see patients from their ICU beds, with complete access to their medical records and live vitals. Even during the pandemic, Zydus is committed to adopting the latest technologies and adapting to the changing ecosystem.
Zydus’ dedication to delivering quality services in these uncertain times is a testament to its unmatched value system.

The Visionaries Behind Zydus Hospitals

Zydus Hospitals was launched by the Late Mr. Ramanbhai B. Patel in 1952. Owing to his sheer dedication and passion to provide holistic healthcare, it became the second-largest Pharma Company in the 1990s. The first hospital was established in Anand, Gujarat. It was a 160-bed, multi-specialty tertiary care hospital with the best doctors and nursing staff.
At present, Zydus Hospitals’ operations are carried out under the mentorship of the following visionaries:

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Pankaj Patel is the Founder & MD of Zydus Hospitals. He is the chairman and managing director of Cadila Healthcare, one of India’s largest pharmaceutical companies. In 2017, he became the president of FICCI He is the chairman of the board of governors of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, IISER, Kolkata and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhubaneswar; a member of the Board of Governors and also the chairman of the Finance Committee of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Mr. Patel was adjudged the “Best Pharma Man of the year 2003” by the Foundation of Indian Industry and Economists in recognition of the growth of Cadila under his leadership.

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Sajan Nair is the COO of Zydus Hospitals. He is a post-graduate in Medicine & Hospital Management. A rare amalgamation of healthcare quality, healthcare marketing as well as finance makes him a healthcare management craftsman with many arrows in his quiver.


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