A 14-year-old boy Kairan Quazi hired by Elon Musk to work at SpaceX has become the new talk of the tech world:

The owner of big giants Twitter, SpaceX and Tesla-Elon Musk has always been known for doing strange things. He has recently been given a job to a 14-year-old boy in his company named SpaceX, as per Blitz News. The world’s richest individual has offered the 14-year-old youngster a solid position in his firm on his own. He is Kairan Quazi.

He will currently be working now as a full-time software engineer in Musk’s company, and has recently also completed his graduation from Santa Clara University in California, USA. Musk in this context has made a big announcement that a YouTube-like feature is coming on Twitter soon. Kairan will go to Washington and join SpaceX as the youngest software engineer.

Previously, this small boy was enrolled in Las Positas Community College at the age of 9. He was also a STEM Tutor At the same institute and he was one of the most sought-after members of the tutoring staff. He has earned an Associate of Science degree in Mathematics degree with highest distinction. His career path has completely diverted and took a new dimension after he began working on Generative AI with Lama Nachman, who happens to be the director of the Intelligent Systems Research Lab at Intel Labs.

This boy also has his hands-on experience in AI and machine learning through a multi-year co-op at a Fortune 100 technology company and a summer internship at a cyber intelligence startup. In a recent post on LinkedIn, Kairan told that he is joining SpaceX’s Starlink Team as a software engineer where he further mentions that engineering is a mission for him. His next stop is now SpaceX and he will be joining the Coolest Company on the Planet as a Software Engineer on the Starlink engineering team. SpaceX is one of those rare companies, according to him, that has not considered age-old and arbitrary benchmarks for maturity and ability.

SpaceX has never failed to realize talent, be it of any age group or from any background. The hiring of Kairan Quazi proves it. According to the New York Post, Kairan will pursue a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. His family has said that he has always been different from his childhood. He says to the media that his teachers, parents and pediatrician realized in this third grade that he never wanted a mainstream education path because of his knack to learn anything instantly. The IQ level of this child was always high with emotional intelligence.

Earlier this year, the 14-year-old shared on Instagram that he was already preparing for job interviews even before getting his acceptance letter from SpaceX. Quazi says he is eager to begin working for SpaceX and that he intends to utilize his expertise to assist the organization reach its objective of bringing people to Mars. The LA Times claims that Quazi‘s early fascination with news and current affairs was indicative of his brilliance and curiosities. In just two-year-old stage, he could speak complete sentences. As a personal interest, the boy enjoys playing games set in historical periods like Assassin’s Creed series and also enjoys reading science fiction stories by Philip K. Dick and the works of journalist Michael Lewis, who specializes in financial crisis and behavioral finance.






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