8 Ways On How To Maintain a Healthy Body and Mind

The wealthiest asset today is health. Does any kind of happiness exist without a healthy mind and body? Absolutely not! We all need to maintain the proactivity of our minds and body to be productive in our daily lives. There is so much information scattered all over the internet about ways to keep your body and mind fit. But admit it we all often end up losing direction when it comes to keeping up with the tips and trends. But today we have brought you the 8 Easiest Ways to Maintain a Healthy Body and Mind. These ways are nothing but simple additions/alterations to your daily habits that will take you through the whole journey of body and mind wellness.

Mornings Need to Start with Sunlight

Sunlight is an essential source of energy for the entire solar system and our bodies are nothing less than the solar system. It is important to activate your senses and musculoskeletal system with sunlight. It stimulates the release of Vitamin D via exposure to healthy UVB photons and is directly related to your mind’s efficient functioning. It is recommended to spend at least 15 minutes in the sun right in the morning. You can feel the freshness it gives to your mind and body.

Don’t Compromise with Physical Activity

Needless to say, exercising is an excellent way of waking up your entire metabolism. Exercising helps to release and regulate hormone production in your body. It helps to strengthen your bones & muscles, reduces anxiety, improves cognitive ability, maintains proper digestion, and better sleep patterns. The benefits are never-ending, so make a habit of exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes per day that too with a proper schedule.

Maintain a Time-Bounded Schedule for Your Body

Our body and mind are the easiest when it comes to training them for good. Following a process for only 21 days, makes it a new habit for you. So make sure you have strict and time-bounded eating, sleeping, and working schedule. For example, make it a habit to have dinner by 8 PM or work out daily at 6 PM and follow it regularly for the coming months. Wavering timings disrupts your body and mind’s state of working, making you feel more confused and tired.

Surround Yourself with a Positive Aura

We are what we surround ourselves with! If we are staying in an environment where there are talks about peace, knowledge, productivity, blissful deeds, gratitude, and growth we carve the best version of ourselves. Remember, there is no space for unhealthy relationships in your life. So be wise while choosing your company and try to inculcate positive affirmations within you.

Meditation Escalates Body and Mind’s Serenity

Indian history is proof of what wonders meditation can do to a human’s life. Mediation aligns all the chakras of your body and alms down your hyperactive senses. It can change the structure and functioning power of the brain through relaxation. It further reduces stress and improves memory and concentration. Start by practicing for a minimum of 5 minutes and stretch to more.

Keep Processed and Sugary Foods at Bay

Refined sugars and processed foods are loaded with unhealthy fats and addictive calories. Refined sugars tend to make you feel sluggish and play with your eating habits. Moreover, these are the main causes of early diabetes and other heart diseases. The same goes for processed foods. Being extremely poor in nutrients and high in sodium and nonessential fats, it will harm your health in the long run if consumed in excess amounts. Switch to healthy snacking like having fruits, nuts, whole grains, and nutrient-dense seeds, and churn delicious recipes out of these.

Snoozing Off for 7-9 Hours Daily

Sleeping for a minimum of 7-9 hours is mandatory. It depends from person to person according to their physical activity. Sleep deprivation or disturbed sleep patterns can lead to bad temper, fatigue, and cognitive dysfunctions. Understand how your body responds after you wake up in the morning and determine the sleep requirement of your body.

Control Your Portion Sizes

Have more portions of vegetables, fruits, salads, and low-calorie foods. Be conscious of how much you want to eat because overeating or under-eating has harmful gastrointestinal effects on your body. For example, when we’re eating at buffets we tend to stuff ourselves to the neck which makes us feel heavy throughout the day.

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