7 dot 2 IT Consulting: A New-Age Venture Empowering the Business Fraternity with Strategic and Comprehensive IT Consulting Services


7 dot 2 IT Consulting

An emerging torch bearer in the realm of transforming businesses with the power of technology and automation, 7 dot 2 IT Consulting is serving as a bridge connecting businesses with the world of IT and innovation. 7 dot 2 IT Consulting provides comprehensive solutions around Strategic IT Consulting, Enterprise Applications & Software Development, IT Infrastructure, Networking & Cyber Security, and Project Management. The company brings the optimal combination of a variety of seasoned professionals from the IT Industry and Business domains under one roof. With its consistent actions, 7 dot 2 IT Consulting is inching towards becoming a transformative IT partner for businesses across the globe.

With that being said, our editorial team arranged a freewheeling conversation with Mr. Puneet Aggarwal- Founder of 7 dot 2 IT Consulting to explore several aspects of the company’s business portfolio and value-driven ideology. The founder walked us through many lesser-known facts about his company and shared insights from his entrepreneurial journey. The conversation was filled with profound valuable knowledge. We believe that this narrative of 7 dot 2 IT Consulting will be an immense source of motivation for our global aficionado. Hence, we are delighted to feature 7 dot 2 IT Consulting under the exclusive segment of “The 30 Most Trusted Brands to Watch in 2023”.

How Did It All Start?

The idea was born when the founder Mr. Puneet Aggarwal was volunteering over weekends to lead and guide the IT team of a medium-sized company in Delhi NCR. All weekends over two years were spent defining the company’s IT strategy in line with business strategy, IT Cost optimizations, Process improvement, Technology Modernization, and increasing IT adoption amongst the users.

During this period he had meetings with promoters of other SMEs and realized that there is a need for thorough IT Consulting support for SMEs and to implement the best practices adopted by MNCs in this sector. Mr. Puneet Aggarwal acknowledged the fact that SMEs usually don’t have easy access to talent who had prior experience working in MNCs. He also knew that many SMEs either fail to leverage or only partially leverage technology for business benefit. Spotting this business opportunity and addressing this gap, 7 dot 2 IT Consulting was started.

Facing the Odds

The initial challenges faced by 7 dot 2 IT Consulting were very similar to what a startup faces. The major challenge was to find clients and secure orders. The founding team was stretched between sales efforts and delivery processes for the existing customers. The team needed to keep a balance and equally dedicate adequate focus to sales efforts to maintain a healthy sales pipeline. The other challenge was to find and then engage high-quality, experienced consultants while keeping the costs low. Since the company’s primary focus was on consulting, the team collaborated with experienced consultants to meet the delivery commitments.

An Intrinsic Value-Driven Work Culture

7 dot 2 IT Consulting stands true to its core values which guide the entire team to achieve perfection. These values are – Integrity, Leadership, Trust, Ownership, Client Success, Operational Excellence, Respect, and an unflinching Passion for Winning. With these values, 7 dot 2 IT Consulting operates with transparency, sincerity, and honesty with its clients and all stakeholders. The key distinguishing factor that strengthens the alliances made with customers and partners, is these core values. All these values are central and every action is guided by them- be it towards the customer, partner, employees, interns, or anyone who is associated with the company.

Elaborating a little more about the importance of these corporate values, Mr. Puneet Aggarwal said, “We are committed to the values of our company. It translates into inspiring trust and confidence among our clients. We have observed a gradual evolution in the way customers respond to our consulting inputs. Earlier the customers would do a lot of their due diligence and research followed by several questions to validate our consulting inputs. As the trust of the customers grew over these years, we observed that they accepted our advice with much less questioning. It made us realize that the key to gaining faster acceptance and unshakeable trust, is to help them realize the business benefits and ensure that their key concerns are addressed in the solutions being provided.

We also take care that whenever there is a situation of disagreement or differing views; we find a way forward by thinking from the client’s point of view. If we can align with the client’s point of view, then all such differences can be resolved swiftly. This customer-centricity has enabled us to connect closely with our customers. Indicators that give us a lot of satisfaction are, firstly when we get repeat orders from the customers, secondly, the associations with customers’ flourishes for a long time, and thirdly when the customer gives us references. These factors tell us that the customer is well connected with our organization and has ardent faith in our services.”

Simplistic Marketing Initiatives

7 dot 2 IT Consulting has procured new business leads coming from the references given by previous clients. The team has realized that the most effective marketing strategy is to continue serving clients with trustworthiness and keep on adding value to their businesses. Contented customers become the brand ambassadors of the organization and introduce the company to their alliances. The other initiatives followed by the company are, participating in digital marketing activities, building testimonials, and gaining customer references.

Venturing into Newer Domains

7 dot 2 IT Consulting has recently entered the Information Security domain and has carried out several projects to identify the gaps in the current setup. This is further followed by the design and implementation of solutions to secure the data and information of the customer. The company has already started with mobile development projects and is diligently working to build its delivery capability around AI /ML.

Expansion Plans for the Future

The company is currently focusing on expanding its horizons and strengthening its rapport in the IT consulting domain by adopting this 3 pronged strategy-

  • Continue excellent customer service and delivery for existing customers

The team is deeply committed to enhancing its customer’s success. 7 dot 2 IT Consulting strongly believes that the customer’s success will translate to its success. The team is leaving no stone unturned to provide the best customer experience and fulfill their expectations. Most of its business has come through referrals and essentially, nothing short of excellent customer service is 7 dot 2 IT Consulting’s ultimate mantra.

  • New Sales Partnerships

The team is forging new sales partnerships/agreements in India and abroad to improve its sales. In the last few months, the company has closed numerous sales partnerships in the US, Canada region, the UK, Europe, and India. This has brought a tremendous increase in generating new leads and opportunities.

  • New Delivery Partnerships

7 dot 2 IT Consulting holds a strong partner network to provide its diverse range of services aligning with the interests and expectations of the customers. The company’s sales pipeline is growing and a pivotal focus is being laid on strengthening the delivery capability. This is being executed not only by hiring the right talent but also by forging delivery partnerships to further deepen the company’s delivery expertise. The team is already at the forefront to endorse collaborations with new business partners from domains like IOT, Cyber Security, AI /ML, and Digital Marketing services.

A Message from the Founder’s Desk

“For any business to maintain an exponential trajectory of growth, the prominent strategy should be to think from your customer’s perspective and offer them solutions that add value to their lives. You should support and work closely with your customers to effectively implement and make them realize the true potential of your solutions. Once they have established trust in your services, your organization is sure to unfurl many new colors of excellence. The faith of your customers’ becomes your driving force to keep improving and motivates you to reach those unprecedented heights of growth.”

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