Top 5 Young Indian Entrepreneurs to Look For In 2022

Tilak Mehta- Paper and Parcels

Some people are god-gifted and they never make an issue of their age to transform the world. One such person is Tilak Mehta, a typical 8th grader at Garodia International School in Mumbai. His entrepreneurial skills have made him become the founder of ‘Paper and Parcels’- a startup that delivers around 1200 parcels daily to their destinations on the same day. Tilak runs his venture with exceptional vigor and energy and has set his goals for future recognition. It was launched in 2018 based on a primary mobile application. With over 200 employees and 300 dabbawallas connected to this app, ‘Paper and Parcels’ has made a huge success in a small span with its vision of digitalizing the end-to-end logistics and same-day delivery at reasonable rates.


Ranveer Arora Allahbadia- Monk E

Widely recognized as a famous YouTuber ‘BeerBiceps’, Ranveer is a young entrepreneur of 21 who also happens to be a content creator and social media influencer as well. Completing B.E. In Electronics and Telecommunications from Dwarkadas J. Sangvi College of Engineering, he has successfully launched his start-up, Monk E. Or Monk Entertainment which is a digital marketing platform. It is an organization that manages video production, influencer marketing, social media management and talent management. The organization also provides yoga, cooking, fashion and grooming activities, financial advice, nutrition, career counseling, and relationship advice. It now hosts a team of over 50 employees. It is a conceptualized 360-degree creative digital media setup.


Faraaz Irfan Chapra – Chapra Capital/ Sirius-A Securities

A 24-year-old entrepreneur, Faraaz Irfan Chapra, with his classy approach using non-conventional methods co-founded his start-up, Chapra Capital Ventures. It is just a 3-year-old investment management consultancy with a  commendable growth in client base, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. This company now provides over 23 major financial services including investment management, fundraising, portfolio hedging service, etc. It has managed to land multiple potential IPO and fundraising deals for the upcoming years. With a thought in mind as to why commercial business markets in India are growing fast even with super priced items, Faraaz came up with an idea to invest his ideas into setting up this organization and guiding people to understand why.


Basudha Srivastav – ExpressEarth Digital Services

Out of several young Indian entrepreneurs, there are a few who are capable of developing the nation. Basudha Srivastav is one such person who has encouraged women’s power in business management. Being tired of her career in IT with Ericsson, Basudha wanted to develop her startup, a venture related to travel making her husband the most trusted business partner. The couple formed ExpressEarth Digital Services Pvt Ltd in 2015 at Gurgaon. The startup was benefitted from the Startup India Programme and was promoted by the NASSCOM 10,000 Startups. Today, her company is titled ‘Most Innovative Travel Management Company’ with over 14 corporate clients and retail customers exceeding 10,000. Her determination helped the couple to increase their connectivity and contacts for their business. With over 11 years of versatile experience, Basudha is the MD of ExpressEarrth Digital Services & EmpFly Services Pvt Ltd.


Trishneet Arora – TSE Securities

A 28-year-old entrepreneur, Trishneet is the founder and CEO of Tax Security – a cyber security company. It is a wonder how this young mind is already named under Forbes 30 under 30 2018 Asia list and Fortune 40 under 40 2019 list of India’s Brightest Business Minds. From a young age, he was extremely passionate about securing cyberspace and hence started his entrepreneurial journey in 2013 when he was just 19. Within a short period, his setup has been ranked as one of the world’s top securities brands. The setup was made with a vision to strategically assess and manage enterprise-wide risk through a single platform. He wanted to pioneer in risk and vulnerability management. A journey from a middle-class family to getting into the esteemed Forbes list was not easy. He has partnered with leverage AI and user-friendly analytics to help reduce risks across the entire IT stack and safeguard clients’ applications with infrastructure against cyber threats.


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