5 reasons why wearing sunglasses is more important than you think

5 reasons why wearing sunglasses is more important than you think

Wearing sunglasses is becoming a classy fashion trend day by day. However, what we are ignorant of is that they are a must-wear but now even for some good reasons. With their diversity in color, shade, shape, and style, sunglasses not only enhance our look but also enrich our personality by many folds. So, they are becoming our personal favorite with time. Yet, we should be aware that it is not just their beauty and style that they must be worn but because of their benefit and immeasurable protective function against UV rays of the sun. They act as a protective shield against harmful eye diseases for people of all ages. Let us peep into some of the beneficial features of actually wearing a sunglass and why wearing renowned brands is a must necessity:

Protection against sand, snow glare, and wind causing painful eye irritation

sunglasses guard our eyes against the harmful glare of UV rays reflected from the snow that is around 80% which may cause snow blindness or burn the cornea. This can often happen even during snowboarding or hiking in the snow without glasses. Sand entering our eyes causes allergic irritation, watery eyes, and soiling. Likewise, wind can dry out our eye fluid and cause impaired vision, thus, in all scenarios wearing proper sunglasses, especially photochromatic ones are a lifesaver. After all, nothing is more precious than our eyesight.

Cheap and low-quality lenses harm eyesight at a wider scale

wearing better-branded sunglasses is far better than wearing low-quality lenses. Cheap lenses are common these days and are available at any common eye shop or vision outlet. It is strongly advised not to buy them. Use of better quality sunglasses with power is highly recommended instead. Cheap sunglasses often do not give eye protection because the dark tinted lenses of any glasses can dilate your pupils if they come from a cheap manufacturer. This can cause serious consequences if they are built without any UV protection. Thus it makes our eyes unhindered to any harmful rays.

Sunglasses save us from some rays of the sun that are a potent eye threat

the name itself suggests that sunglasses are worn to guard the unwanted rays from the sun, especially its UV radiation. Just as we protect our skin from sunscreen, eyes are more important to be safeguarded from some fatal solar radiation posing threat to our cornea and retina. Too much-unfiltered sunlight reaching eyes at a young age can develop serious eye infections or even cancer. Children are more vulnerable compared to adults. However, the most common diseases that occur in adults are macular degeneration, cataracts, etc. So one must wear proper vintage, polarised, and branded sunglasses to be safe from all such terror.

Protection post-surgery

Eye surgeries are done to combat visual impairments so as to see things with unaided eyes. Generally, LASIK operation is performed and correction is achieved using a special laser. The recovery process is slow but permanent. However, in those days post-surgery the eyes must be handled very delicately and with utmost care. For that, the use of best-branded sunglasses is required to ward off any unwanted radiation. This temporary protection keeps the eyes safe and helps to disappear the side -effects or risks of post-surgery completely. Sunglasses strictly protect the eyes from sunlight, dirt, wind, and unwanted dust particles. Even the slightest weather influences or mild discomfort is much reduced.

Fewer headaches and migraines

bright sun rays or any other radiations can trigger headaches and constant hammering. These can lead to acute migraine problems and even affect our daily routine and physical activities. Wearing proper sunglasses can help reduce both the frequency and intensity of these risks. Furthermore, it reduces eye strain and fatigue making us more comfortable to enjoy any outdoor view for prolonged periods. Sometimes being exposed to radiation from media devices can put a strain on our optic nerves, leading to watery eyes and pain around the forehead. In those cases too, sunglasses are a must-wear whether you are reading, writing, watching or playing online.

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