10 Small Budget Businesses in Trend starting just with as low as $100

small budget businesses

10 Small Budget Businesses in Trend starting just with as low as $100

  • Whether you believe it or not, starting your own business doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. You can build countless businesses with less than $100. With amount as low as $100, a smart marketing strategy and some basic knowledge about the field you’re entering, you can have business up and running in no time. People do several odd jobs to pay the bills, and no matter what your skills are, there are ways to put them to work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a handyman or an online marketing expert — you can still make extra money on the side.

Here are 10 most lucrative business ideasfor you to start today for under $100.


  • With a budget of $100 or less, you could easily start a business teaching people how to excel at your greatest passion. You can run your tutoring business out of your home or the homes of those you teach. You can certainly market your services to anyone who has something to gain from your knowledge. Are you multilingual? You could hold a class for the staff members of a doctor’s office, teaching them the basics of some of the languages heard within your area. Are you a dancer? It is time to advertise your lessons to the members of the local senior citizens club.  


Select an industry in which you’re well-versed and start a consulting business with a blog. For consulting business, you can purchase a domain name for as little as $10. Obtain some inexpensive business cards printed up and open free accounts on social media websites. Post relevant content on social media account and blog that you hold, network with other professionals via Meetup.com, and watch your business grow.    

Vlogging on YouTube

  • Now that you don’t need to be a partner to earn ad revenue on YouTube, anyone can start a channel, make videos regularly, and profit from them for a very limited investment. You don’t need an expensive camera either for vlogging purpose. It can easily be done using your computer’s built-in camera or a smartphone camera. Start vlogging regularly and see profits in your account.


Blogging is possibly one of the most lucrative fields to tap into the digital age. Professional blogging as a start-up requires only a minimal cost. Few bloggers even make a great living by writing strong content and selling ads. You can start your own blog online well under $100 and build a reader base. This is a long-term business if you are willing to put on the effort now. You start a blog now and consistently write a valuable content before you see results. Once it started to get traction, your blog will gradually grow.

Child care provider

  • The considerable challenge faced by working parents is perhaps how to find reliable, affordable care for their children. Why not give parents what they require by starting your own child care service out of your home? If you have professional child care experience and are a nurturing parent, then you likely have what it takes to run such businesses. Utilize the $100 in your pocket to stock up on puzzles and books and perhaps some baby-proofing gear. And keep in mind that local fire divisions, churches and community centers frequently offer free CPR and first-aid certification classes, qualifications that will help you further your career in child care. 

Creating Information Products

If you have got expertise in a given niche, you can create an information product, like an eBook, with minimal cash. It will take great deal of your time, of course, but you can technically create a whole business without expenses if you set up a free website. It is better that you get a domain name and hosting, along with a little graphic design work.

Event planner

  • If you like to enjoy parties, then why not start your own business bringing them to life? Event planners are called upon to organize wedding functions, birthday parties, anniversary parties and a slew of other celebrations. You won’t need a large sum of money to get this business off the ground, but you will need good organizational skills, a keen interest for detail and a knack for negotiating. Begin by offering these services to family members and friends, that way you can learn the tricks of the trade while building an impressive portfolio to wow future clients.


  • Freelancing can be a highly lucrative business idea that pretty much requires nothing more than your talent, laptop and internet connection. In case you are a writer or web developer you should have no problem starting out, thanks to the numerous websites that post freelancing gigs.

Virtual assistant

If you have a smartphone, a computer, and Internet connection, you can be a virtual assistant (VA). This is amongst the hot new businesses you can start for less than $100. This job is similar to being personal assistant — answering phone calls, responding to emails and keeping your client’s schedule. The difference? You do this remotely.

Social-media consultant

  • Several businesses and individuals are always on the lookout for people to manage and maintain their social channels for them, and many businesses will pay $500 or more a month for these services.  Learn a little more with online tutorials about how to become a social media consultant. Thereafter, contact everyone you know to see if they need this valuable service. Scaling up your business will require hiring others at some point, so you can focus on getting new clients. Startup cost? Zero.  

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