10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs in The World

It is often heard that the earth is nothing but the world of men. Tracing back from history to modern times, it is men who have always dominated the world irrespective of their abilities and rights. However, with the changing times and more technological development spanning across the globe, women have now become an active part of any business. They play a crucial role in surpassing even their male equivalents. From every sector, whether IT or politics, we find a woman representative. So, let us talk about some most successful and influential women entrepreneurs who have given this society a newer look:


  • Wang Laichun

A Chinese women entrepreneur, Laichun happens to be an electronics manufacturer in the Luxshare Precession Industry – a maker of electronics of electronic connectors whose rich client base also counts Apple Inc. in it. She ranks 71st richest person in China in 2019. After resigning from her previous job in 1999, Wang took almost 20 years building her dream work and establishing the desired team with her brother. Finally, they were able to purchase Luxshare and became active members of it.


  • Gina Rinehart

An Australian billionaire businesswoman, Gina Rinehart is also the chairman of Hancock and Prospecting. The company was founded by her father post whose death, the entire company was handed over to Gina. However, she wanted to reinvent the company’s motive into something bigger. She made her biggest fortune from the Roy Hill Mining Project, which started giving its shipments to Asia in 2015. She is the 75th billionaire in the world and 36th powerful woman as per Forbes 2019.


  • Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has had her talk show running for the past 25 years. She played her character as a news presenter into 25 years talk show gig and in 2011, she presented the world her cable channel OWN. Today, she has around 25.5% of the network that has worth around 75 million dollars. As per Forbes, she is the world’s 20th powerful woman and is also known as the 10th American’s Self Made Women 2019. She has also made a deal with Apple’s streaming services.


  • Sara Blakely

The founder and owner of Spanx, Sara is an American businesswoman of this multi-speciality textile company. The company sells leggings, maternity wear, undergarments and many more. She is the 23rd American’s, self-made woman. She also received the title of 90th powerful woman in 2016. In 2015, she became a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team with Toney Ressler.


  • Susan Wojcicki

A Polish-American CEO of YouTube, Susan has today over 2 billion monthly users. She has been running YouTube as a CEO since 2014. The company’s net worth at the current date is over 20 billion dollars. Before being a part of Google, she also showed her versatility at Intel. She is the 12th most powerful woman in the world and 44th American’s Self Made Women as per Forbes 2019.


  • Indra Nooyi

An Indian-American business executive with the title of World’s 11th Powerful Woman in 2017, Indra is the former CEO of Pepsi. With profound knowledge of management, she has directed the organization’s global strategy for over a decade and led PepsiCo. The organization is thrilled to have such a member on its board. Because of her sheer talent and prompt thinking style, she has directed PepsiCo towards nothing but success.


  • Cher Wang

Cher is a Taiwanese businesswoman, philanthropist, chairperson and co-founder of HTC Corporation and integrated chipset maker via technologies. In the modern tech industry, she happens to be one of the most influential and successful women entrepreneurs in the world. Twice in 2012 and 2014, she had held the title of World’s Most Powerful Woman. She always excelled in economics throughout her life and infused her economical clarity into the corporation transforming the organization into a tech giant.


  • Shery Sandberg

The founder of Lianin.org and Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Shery has created her image and name in the world. She became one of Facebook’s board of directors in 2008 by exiting board members. The way she evaluated the company’s profit is still noteworthy. After she became a board member, Facebook’s user count got increased by 10 folds. As per Forbes, she is the World’s, 29th Powerful Woman. Facebook today, has withheld more than 50% of the world’s population under it and it is no wonder that Shery has played her part.


  • Denise Coates

She is a British woman entrepreneur and the co-CEO of the online gambling of Bet365. Witnessing the success rate of online gambling businesses, she took the domain Bet365.com in 2000. She presented the website publicly in 2001. Currently, she owns about half of the privately held company and generates a turnover of over 65 billion dollars per year. As per Forbes, she ranked 244th billionaire in 2019. She is a woman gifted with indomitable hacks related to online gambling.


  • Folorunsho Alakija

The VC of Famfa Oil, a Nigerian oil company, Folorunsho is a successful Nigerian billionaire. As a women entrepreneur, she was involved in the fashion industry, printing sector and real estate. She got her first fashion label in 1992. Just after this, she got involved in the oil industry and performed so well that the government of Nigeria in 1993 awarded her company with an oil prospecting license followed by an oil mining lease. She is placed as the 20th African Billionaire and also ranks 88th influential woman by 2016.

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