10 most inspiring CEOs of all time and what made them wildly rich:

Several entrepreneurs around the world have tried and tested their talents through safe routes. However, only a few created history and ventured into inaccessible territories.

Let us look at some of them and find out what made them world-famous:


Donald Trump

A man who left no stone unturned and emerged victorious in the presidential election of 2016, grabbing attention for being a billionaire. He is successful for having initiated a world-famous hospitality venture ‘Trump Entertainment Resorts. Several commercial dwellings and plush hotels are associated with this including the ‘Trump World Tower’ – a 72 storied building in Manhattan, New York. His current net worth is $ 2.5 billion.

Steve Jobs

Steve’s life is a great source of inspiration for all youngsters. Although he passed away in 2011, one can never forget his creation of a multi-billion dollar technology – ‘Apple Inc.’ The firm was founded in 1976 and started selling motherboards and later produced audiovisual gadgets like iPods, iPhones etc. His net worth was $ 10.2 billion.


David K Williams

A serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Fishbowl, David K Williams has served high-profile leadership via the Courage Above Mounts (CAM) foundation. His company Fishbowl render services to their community for a major project to help groups of children, single moms, veterans and native Americans. His net worth is $ 2 million.


Cheryl Bachelder

The mastermind behind ‘Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’ has shown the world the power of servant leadership to establish a company from the inside out. She made her brand from a stagnant low profitable level to a famous one whose franchisee today span across the globe. In her workplace, people are treated with both respect and dignity, irrespective of their role and pay scale. Cheryl’s net worth is over $ 12 million.


Harold MacDowell

The CEO of a leading mechanical construction and facilities service – TDIndustries, Harold is believed to be the demigod in the servant leadership spectrum. His foundation plays a key role in sustaining an environment where employees are valued and respected. TD has made it into Fortune Magazine’s prestigious 100 best companies.


Kristen Hadeed

What started as an all-student cleaning company later turned out to be a huge global business that now employs hundreds of millennials. She ventured into her company and named it ‘ Student Maid’ in 2009. Since then, through several hardships, Hadeed led her industry from an average cleaning service to a professional cleaning and dusting platform with her net worth at $8 billion.


Britany Merrill Underwood

The founder and CEO of Akola Jewelry, Britany has revolutionized the lives of several distressed women and families. Her company is the first Full-Impact Brand to be sold in the luxury space through their national launch in Neirman Marcus. She was included in Yahoo’s “Best Person in the World” series in 2014 who devoted her life to creating women empowerment through a holistic approach.


Bob Chapman

The CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, Bob owns a $ 2 million company that has acquired more than 80 other companies under it with a team of 11 thousand employees. With a deep sense of responsibility, Chapman has transformed Barry-Wehmiller’s culture as the best platform for connecting with business associates through communication, trust, celebration, respect and continuous improvement. Today his net worth stands as $1.36 million.


Sylvia Metayer

Sole non-American on the list and the CEO of Sodexo Corporate Services Worldwide, Sylvia leads the worldwide segment of the industry that has improved the quality of life of 75 million people and has been admired as Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies”. The sid dimensional activities provided under her organization are the physical environment, social interaction, health and well-being, recognition, ease and efficiency and personal growth.


Ari Weinzweig

The founding man behind Zingerman’s Community of Business. Ari started his venture in 1982 with just two staff. Today, his foundation has over 750 employees with 22 managing partners.it is an Ann Arbor, Michigan institution which is a great source of food and great experiences for exceeding 5 lakh visitors. Now, Zingerman stands for anti-oppression and anti-racism, celebrating big virtues of diversity.




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