10 life lessons to learn from Sundar Pichai to do something big in life

To succeed in life, one has to think and act big. Earlier this week, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai had shared his views regarding 10 key points that must be undertaken to ensure sure success in life. He is always been a self-made man with a poised demeanour and has also become a role model for people across the world. The young generations find him inspirational for his polite nature, simplicity and clear views about securing success and growth in life. Here are some life lessons that can be real guidance to get through in life.

Constantly think about what to do next

Pichai always has believed in the continuous remodelling of human minds. So at any point in time, he makes sure that he and his team are involved in innovating and building products for the future ahead. This should accord with our normal process of thinking so that the mind always engages itself to think about what can be done next.

Follow the path to your dreams

Following your dream is another important aspect of Pichai that needs constant encouragement and inspiration. A man’s mind should be oriented towards working and processing his desired job or dream that excites him and motivates him further to work upon it with concentration.

Always reinvent yourself

One should always keep in touch with the world around him/her and remodel his/her according to it, as per Pichai. The technology world changes at such a fast pace, dynamic growth and innovations are going in a lot everywhere. So what one has to figure out is to learn and understand what the next phase of development is and reinvent oneself.

Stay ambitious and strong

Staying strong creates an ambitious mission according to him. One should always want to organize the world’s information and make it accessible and acceptable worldwide. This not only generates a positive mindset but also instils man to think about changes that move the world to a newer phase.

Keep trying and take risks

Taking risks at certain points of a career can prove successful according to him. Sometimes life offers opportunities that we can’t decide upon and dwindle. However, sometimes letting those risks come into your life can make your mind challenging. If the first attempt fails, learn from it and try again. It will tend to work in the long run for sure.

Start from the base, aim for global

Pichai says our lives are too mainstream these days with the internet and networking around. Starting from the local market and then rising to the global market is highly appreciated as you not only learn but understand small but important tactics on the way. Then the confidence to tackle both worlds comes on a grip.

Work with motivated people

When we feel insecure, people with motivated minds who pushes us to go further help us to move forward, Pichai has said. That is essential and it means you are working with people superior to you. This gives moves security to mind and lets you feel more comfortable when you aren’t pushing yourself.

Wear your failure like a badge of honour

By stating the example of Silicon Valley, Pichai has highlighted the fact that failures are the pillars to success. What’s a success that has not been achieved without trying? People in Silicon Valley start a job or company which when they fail, they wear it like a badge of honour.

Think big and wisely

To address any problem, Pichai always has thought big and wisely and he inspires the world around to do so. Whatever we tackle, we can be ambitious only when we think it big way. It also acts as a part of doing the job to resolve it sooner and can lead to the growth of global companies. The base to every pillar must stand on a big and wise idea.

Stay creative in what you do and get hands-on

Last but not the least thing said by Pichai is that he has himself witnessed in best US schools that everything that s learnt must be first experimental. It makes the mind creative and designed to understand the facts about a topic well. People experiment and get their hands on how to do things by doing them and not just learning them.


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