10 Highest-Paid Female Indian Entrepreneurs In 2022

Steve Jobs was a driven entrepreneur. His main objective was to leave a lasting legacy, not perfection. It would help if you had more than an idea to be a successful entrepreneur; you also need passion, dedication, and hard work. We’ve produced a list of the 10 most successful women entrepreneurs of 2022.

Dr Shuba Charles

Dr Shuba Charles is an outstanding writer, behavioural therapist, and entrepreneur whose CBT work has changed many lives. Chennai’s top mental specialist. She gives free YouTube consultations to promote mental health. After resigning as a Tamil Nadu government medical official, she produced eco-friendly sanitary napkins. She founded Thaagam Foundation to help street children.

Akshita Budhiraja

Akshita Budhiraja studied marketing at Manchester University. She’s a young, powerful businesswoman. Her passion and ambition to be the best have swept the spice business. She and her spouse established Orika in 2018. Orika’s whole collection is listed in the Times of India gifting list indifoodbev.

Dr Taara Malhotra

Taara Malhotra is a Tarot card reader, vastu consultant, numerologist, astrologer, and psychic. She has approximately 20 years of holistic health expertise. Being the first Indian psychic to be featured on Discovery Plus and Amazon Prime, her holistic experiences include Name correction, Tarot card Reading, Vaastu Analysis and Space Healing, Signature and Mobile number correction, Candle magic, Numerology Analysis, Wicca, Spell Casting, Hoodoo, Relationship Healing, Coffee cup reading, Angel Healing and Therapy, Yantra and Talisman creation, Reiki and Karmic Healing, Lama Healing, Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing.

Nitasha Bhadwar

Nitasha Bhadwar is the chief strategy officer and founder of Sunpower Renewables Pvt. Ltd. She is a proponent of sustainable solutions and an entrepreneur for a better and cleaner future. She believes in renewable energy and cleantech sources, which improve the electricity sector. She encourages easy-to-use creative solutions that may expedite renewable energy adoption.

Tanya Bansal

Tanya Bansal began her business adventure with Kanha Gaushala in 2020. Born in Delhi, she spent her early years in the US and then returned to India to work for EY. Her husband inspired her. He ran an orphanage and a gaushala. Her life changed after that. With a focus on extending the set-up, she focused on commercializing the women-run Gaushala from scratch. Today, she sells home-grown items like dhoopbatti and panchgavyadiyas, gir calf ghee, kohlu oil, dried cow dung cakes, and stone-ground masalas only on Instagram.

Tina Phogat

Tina Phogat, Vice President of Geetanjali Homestate Limited and Founder of Geetanjali Care, embodies the ideals and ethics of a successful businesswoman who doesn’t compromise while performing her obligations. With over a decade of real estate consulting expertise, she can analyze company needs and trends analytically. She’s a sensitive, collaborative leader with excellent time and team management abilities. She values and uses everyone’s abilities.Recognizing talent helps her hire well. Her digital marketing background makes her work seamless and effective. A lady with many accomplishments deserves respect and admiration.

Babita Singh

Babita Singh is an award-winning Reputation Expert and Digital Strategist based in UAE. She leads her Digital conglomerate, Sanguine, which specializes in Reputation Management in Africa, India, and the Middle East. She has over 20 years of expertise in enabling online perceptions and clever political campaigns, including digital listening, perception management, sentiment analysis, privacy enforcement, and reputation PR. Her experience as an International Cyber Law specialist has been featured in prominent editorials, recognized news newspapers, and TV shows globally.

Ar Shweta Deshmukh

Ar Shweta Deshmukh is the CEO of Mumbai-based architecture practice SDA and online business Dezinebox. Her original ideas and memorable designs have made her a young and exciting businesswoman. Shweta’s professional initiatives have earned her a trustworthy reputation. She’s been a jury member for ACEtech’s Designwall and Grand Stand Awards since 2016.

Srishti Agarwal

Srishti Agarwal has been working in health and well-being for 4 years. She thinks simplicity and home-cooked cuisine are the first steps to good transformation. Her diet coaching expertise ranges from weight loss to lifestyle disorder meals. Her holistic approach uses natural, functional meals. He’s mentored Shalu Jindal, Iza Setia, etc.

Dr Bansri Mahadevia

Dr Bansri Mahadevia is a famous dermatologist in Ahmedabad. She won two gold medals for her ethical and safe approach, which altered her patients’ lives. Dr Bansri is a well-known person in Gujarat who gives therapies to promote healthy and sustained well-being. She and her sister Dr Tulsi Mahadevia founded Northstar, a fast-growing preventative diagnostics centre.

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