10 Best International Money Transfer Services

For transferring money while travelling overseas, one may think of which method, app or technique to use to do so. Often there comes an emergency or an urgent need for receiving money and transferring it. Now, it’s no more a hassle. However, which service is best and what are the costs are matters of concern. One may often think that their trusted bank is the safest and best money transfer method but it’s better to know that it is not only the sole option for transfer nowadays. With time, there have come up some international money transfer agencies that help people to do so at minimal costs and one must check for the exchange rate with the minimal amount of fees possible. Here, is a complete guide to international money transfers with the answer to the most commonly asked queries regarding them:

Xe Money Transfer

It offers international money transfers to over 130 countries including Canada, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. It is a well-known brand that has carved a name for its identity as a trusted authority in the foreign exchange space. It is a reliable money transfer service with over 50,000 reviews and comes with low fees.


It is a digital payment solution company based out of Singapore. It serves global markets across many continents. The company has maintained its rank with tailored services for both personal and corporate clients. However, it is only suitable for customers sending AUD, USD, HKD, MYR, GBP, CAD, EUR, INR and SGD. It is a fast and secure mobile platform.


It is one of the best names in the market for international money transfers and is committed to bringing increased transparency to financial services with zero hidden fees. Their fee structure and exchange rates are very transparent and it confirms the exact amount which will reach the recipient’s account, even before the transfer is done.


It is another international money transfer leading industry that offers transparent foreign exchange services at a far more competitive rate than banks. It ranks 4.9 out of 5 in Trustpilot and is regarded wisely as an efficient provider of personal and business transfers. They have round-the-clock customer support and help to send a large amount of money.


This service allows users to make transfers in 70 currencies to over 130 countries around the globe and around two million people use this service each year. There are different methods to send money internationally such as cash pickups, bank deposits, mobile money, etc. the transfer is done within minutes with low fees and exchange rates.


It has over 20 years of experience providing money transfers and has handled 67 Euro billion cash to date. On the Trustpilot scale, it ranks 4.4. The company has its disbursement network with offices located in Toronto, Hong Kong, London and Sydney. The 24/7 customer service support and low exchange rates make this service more access to users.


It is a service that does very reputable peer-to-peer international money transfers along with a minimal percentage makeup. Money can be sent in just a few steps at an affordable cost for all transfer sizes. Customers or users only need to have or sign up for an account and set up their transaction details to do so.


It is a specialist in the field of money transfer services. It caters to the specific needs of B2B cross-border payment solutions and has made waves in the global remittance space since its launch in 2017. The business model is quite ambitious and it has secured many popular reviews with time. The company also solves problems faced by businessmen making foreign transfers.

Key Currency

It is a UK-based service founded in 2015 that can offer highly competitive, fee-free international money transfers due to lower operating overheads than big banks. It is passionate about providing first-rate customer service and up-to-date foreign exchange data to ensure that users get the best deal for their foreign transfers.

Currencies Direct

It started as the remittance industry in 1996 but became a long-standing brand known to all for providing bank-beating rates and flexible cross-border payment services. Popular routes include transfers to Australia, the USA, Canada and South Africa. It has more than 60 currencies available to customers making Personal or Business payments overseas.

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